Mega Synchronicity Report

Okay so this is getting crazy. I have even more amazing synchronicities to report to you all. Many of you know I see my birthday everywhere (4/10) and just today I found two shows where it showed up. The first was in David Wilcock’s show ‘Wisodom Teachings’ today. Interestingly, he is currently on season 27 which happens to be my current age and episode three which can be divided by 27 to equal 9. ’27 / 9 = 3′ And also notice the time when I paused it at this scene which was at 03:21:

big time synchonicity.png

As I was typing this I noticed the clock change on my computer to 4:10:


The second show, which I am currently watching, ‘The 4400’, which apparently a show about these people who are taken and returned to Earth with new super abilities, had a couple more synchronicities that I will share below, one of them being my birthday:


I also noticed a 639 in one of the scenes that I thought I would take a photo of to share here:


As some of you may have read already that is a number I see all the time in various forms; 369, 963, 639 and so on…

And I got a couple more hits with the 108 number that I have written about before. I have had the ‘1080’ number on the front of my laptop that I have taken more notice of recently in this context.


And if you notice the photo number, it’s 5808. 5+8=13 which would make it 1308, which in military time is 1:08 p.m.

Yesterday I was browsing for countdowns for my live stream tomorrow and I went to create one with a certain website and I entered in the time of the stream being 3:00 a.m (I forgot to use military time). The countdown started counting down at 1 day 8 hours and 8 minutes. I waited too long to get a screen shot of it at 1:08:08:00 sadly…


And to top it all off I got a nice synchronicity when I went to the store today:


There are a couple more that I wanted to share from a friend but didn’t get permission to do so yet. I will save those for another post. Thank you for checking this out and much love!!


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2 Responses to Mega Synchronicity Report

  1. truthearth says:

    It is not my intention to project an ego. Funny, I was just asking myself do I write these things without people thinking I have a big ego? I don’t. I am guided to write these things. Something gently pushes me. It is important to look upon someone’s information without judging them. This is a lesson I’ve learned after making the same comments and having the same thoughts you have now. Let’s work together, not judge one another. Light and love.

  2. Watson says:

    I like your articles that have links and useful information. These sync posts are rather self-absorbed and of very little interest to me at least. Riding Wilcock’s coat-tails and freaking out about numbers that you run across all the time isn’t useful. It seems to scream “look at me, i’m important and the numbers are telling me that.” Pretty self-centered from my perspective. 888

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