Small Synchronicity Report

I am being guided to share a few synchronicities that I experienced when I went around town today:

IMG_5804 (1).jpg

So I got a 222 and a 144 in the same shot! There was another car to the left of me that had a 144 also but it was moving too fast to capture it.

On my way back I got the same number again:


1344 in military time is 1:44 p.m. The veteran text on the license plate could mean one of the 144,000 veterans who came here long ago. I’m not sure on that, just making an educated guess. Either way it’s pretty cool!

There was a truck in front of me that had a 410 (my birthday) on it but the photo I got was too dark so I couldn’t use it. Oh well. That’s all I have for now. Light and love!

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