Full Moon Turning Point Meditation September 6th

There is a meditation coming up that I thought I would share here with you all. It will be on Wednesday September 6th at 7:02 a.m. UTC. This will be 12:02 a.m. for Arizona folks so I am not sure how many will be able to attend here. For everyone else you can find the time for your location at this link.

Since the instructions are the same as our Solar Eclipse meditation we can re-use the videos from that event for this one and save time and computer memory space. The videos in other languages are in the description in the video below.

I have suggested that after the meditation video is over we take a minute or two to visualize the dissolving of this hurricane Irma that is forming which is anticipated to be much worse than Harvey. It would be easier to do this afterwards because people will already be in the mind set of visualization and everyone will already be participating.

We have done this before successfully with one other hurricane either last year or the year before. Either way, that part of the country can’t handle another natural disaster like this so it would be prudent to use our mass meditations to attenuate the situation there.

Sending much light and love!

Here is the Facebook page for the meditation.

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