Daily Meditations Requested at 12 P.M. EDT to Dissolve Hurricane Irma

Cobra has relayed to the surface population via the Light Forces for us to participate in daily meditations to dissolve the Cabal-created Hurricane Irma.

(2012portal)  “…the Cabal have modified another hurricane that is now affecting Caribbean islands and will almost certainly make landfall in Florida with potentially drastic consequences… The Light forces have asked us to meditate to dissipate hurricane Irma each day from now on until it dissolves.”

For the meditation time at your location please visit the link below. This will be 9 a.m. for Arizona people. Please continue to meditate for about 5 more minutes as the baseline suggested meditation times are 15 minutes and this video is only about 11.




More information can be found on Prepare for Change’s website here.

You can join the Facebook event here.

Let’s take care of that hurricane!! Victory of the light!

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