Hurricane Irma Now Tropical Storm, Solar Kill Shot From Sun

Everyone did an amazing job organizing this meditation on such short notice and placing the Cintamani stones where they needed to be before the storm hit. I will still be meditating today as I have the day off and figure it wouldn’t hurt to continue until the storm dies down even further.


Someone pointed out to me (Thanks Mea!) that someone had commented on Cobra’s blog with information about the unusual weakening of the storm once it hit land:


During all of the activity of our meditations and other events the sun belched again. This time is was a flare that was much bigger in intensity than the previous ones that hit us this last week. Suspicious Observers has a couple of videos with more information and photos of this monster which is likely to affect Earth as it appeared to be a blast in every direction, especially towards Mars.

It is interesting to note that it occurred at 1606 UTC yesterday 9/10 which is 9:06 a.m. here in Arizona which for us was the starting time of the main meditation for Hurricane Irma. So the sun ‘sneezed’ right at the moment of our efforts to dissolve this hurricane.

I was at the grocery store yesterday stocking up on some things and the woman who was the cashier was telling me about a man who said to her that we were living in ‘End Times’ and that everything was going to fall apart in a matter of weeks. I thought about it and remembered all the fires going on in the Northwest, these hurricanes and also the activity of the sun recently and thought, maybe there really is something to the bible after all.

I am personally not religious but do take into account spiritual information from all sources whenever possible and I definitely see many things that were spoken and written about thousands of years ago happening right now. It doesn’t take a biblical scholar to see that epic events are unfolding before our eyes and that we are a part of stabilizing them and trying to make sure Good wins over Evil, which it will, of course. Still, it seems surreal sometimes!

This is everything I have for now. I am wishing for the safety of everyone affected by the storms and fires and everything else going wrong right now and hope we can try to soften the blow of as many attempts by the Cabal to cause trouble as we can. Light and love everyone!

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