New Video: The Dark Night of the Soul 432Hz

I have been guided to create a video about the Dark Night of the Soul which is an important step in the Hero’s Journey which we are all facing on a collective and individual level.

Image result for the hero's journey

I hope this videos helps others as I am currently recognizing my own Dark Night at the moment with these three lawsuits hitting me at the same time. Synchronistically, the name of the CEO of the collection agency that is suing me is Todd and the German word for ‘death’ is ‘Tod’.

This seems very archetypal for me as I research these concepts and Universal occult truths. I am nervous about how it will turn out because if they succeed then they will be able to garnish my wages down to almost nothing so if there is a big breakthrough that is supposed to happen I hope it will happen before that occurs.

In any case, my situation, among other ‘forces’, have inspired me to create this video to hopefully help others in these circumstances. Light and love everyone!

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