When Everything Is One (Humor)

So here I am sitting on myself taking a drink of myself and listening to myself sing when all of my sudden I walk through the me. I. Could. Not. Believe. Me.

So then myself turns to me and says: “You’ll never believe where I just came from…”

I reply: “Given those clothes that are made out of you, I am going to guess you went to Metown. “

Other Me: “How did you know?!”

Me: “I had a hunch. Now sit here next to me and tell me all about your experience with me!”

Other Me: “Well it started off with beautiful mes in the sky and some mes flying by when I walked by this big me and knew I had to go inside and look around. That’s when I noticed the most amazing pair of mes I had ever laid my eyes upon. I tried me on and gave the friendly me at the front desk the credit card and away I went!”

Me: “Wow it sounds like I had a good time.”

Other Me: “I did. Oh and it gets better…I gave myself a discount when I mentioned I was a member of the One Club. How could I lose? Things are really going my way lately.”

Me: “That’s such good news to hear…Say, wanna go out to the me for a round of me?”

Other Me: “I thought I’d never ask! Lead the way! Oh and while I am out, let’s create some more Universes!”

Me: “I read my mind.”

*Disappears into InfiniME*

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  2. lmamer says:

    Wonderful! Thank you XO

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