Synchronicity Report

Today was filled with many synchronicities that I would like to share here with you all. I had to take my car to get the emissions testing done on it and this was the time that I saw the most numerical synchronicities. I didn’t photograph all of them but I got a few.

The first test I did today (it failed, twice) I got a finishing time of 12:34 P.M. on my service paper that they give you. I gave it back to them for the second try and I didn’t get a photo of it.

I also remember seeing a license plate with 555 on it parked next to me waiting for their turn. My odometer had 01911 (it only goes up to 99999 and then rolls over) on it which in military time is 711 which is a number I see often, usually meaning good news is on the way.

While waiting for my car to be tested I saw a water bottle with 711 at the beginning of the UPC bar code label on the side of it.

Now the second time I left to get it tested I walked into my room and saw 4:10 (My bday) on the clock and got excited..

Then I went to get gas and got a nice synchronicity there too:


And when I got back home I noticed the clock at 4:32:


I just went to check Cobra’s blog and was greeted with a nice 14:44 from the countdown to the next Ascension Meditation:


These are just the main ones that occurred today. There were others but they were small and it would take too long to include them all here. Light and love everyone!

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