Transcript of Cobra/Ben Fulford/KP Roundtable Interview

The transcript for the latest Cobra/Ben Fulford/KP interview has been created and I will share the link and some excerpts below. Light and love everyone!

Transcript Link

Cobra: “ok, there are many different Dragon groups, many different Dragon factions and I would say many of them are now coming to the …in full action now, simply because the time of liberation is approaching and geopolitical balance is moving and east it’s having more power,

I would say is an overall strategic plan which has been started many decades ago and is now reaching the crescendo, so The Dragon Families, different Dragon Families that are forming an alliance, are working behind the scenes.

Number one, do disarm the Cabal financially and number two, to disarm the Cabal with information, so we have a financial war going on and we have an information war going on…”

Cobra: “basically, he [Trump] is trying to …he is serving his own self-interest. He is trying to navigate between various groups, the positive and negative ones and I would say that his policy is not consistent, I would say is all as the most power of the humans at this particular moment. That is why his actions feel sometimes chaotic or illogical for some people, and some people say this is some national chess, it is not…”

Cobra: ok, I will not give any dates but yes, we are making big progress and is always most challenging just before the breakthrough and the reason why this year was so challenging was simply because we are dealing with the real issues, we are finally resolving this stale mate position at the very top,

it is being resolved right now. So, the reason why it was so tough is because we are right before the breakthrough, I know, it’s not gonna happen this week, it’s not gonna happen today, but it’s gonna happen in a forcible future and we just need to keep going, keep going, keep going and never give up and we will get there.”

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