There is Only One Author of

It has come to my attention that someone has claimed that they are one of the bloggers here at Truthearth. I will state for the record that there is only ONE blogger here, and that’s me, Jonathan. I don’t have a staff or co-authors that help. Although I could do that, this blog is small and not like SITS or one of the many other bigger names you find in the awakening community that produce a lot of content.

It may seem sometimes that someone else is posting here because there are days that several posts are made, but this is me, on a good day…lol.

So if anyone claims that they are contributing to this blog directly, as in they are creating posts, this is incorrect. No one is telling me what to write or what research to do. Besides generous donations from amazing people, I pay for everything here on my own with my own income from working at the hospital.

So thank you for your understanding and attention and I wish everyone here light and love as always!


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