Batch of Goodies: Pedo Arrests, Disclosure in Headlines, Good General News, Syria Update, Podesta Called Out on Twitter, Personal Update, Uplifting Video

I have been quite busy lately so I haven’t been able to do one of these larger general updates but this morning I am being guided to do one. There are many great things happening in the arrest/disclosure area and I will include what I have so far in the last week or so. It’s important to remember that during many of these false flag events, some pretty sweet headlines will be released. And of course not many people will be giving them much attention because their focus is on the tragedy of the attack.

  • Pedo Arrests

(Channel 10 News) RI National Guard member arrested for child pornography

(Huffington Post) ‘Glee’ Actor Mark Salling Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography Charges

(Observer Reporter) Former York County Arc director arrested by North Strabane police on child porn charges

(WFTV) 16 men arrested, 2 at large in Polk County child porn sting

(KGUN) TUSD employee arrested on child molestation allegations

(Channel 9 News) Reports: Former Walker Co. elementary teacher arrested on child porn production charges

(Tampa Bay) Hillsborough deputy arrested, charged with touching young child

(RT) Vatican diplomat accused of uploading child porn from Canadian church on Christmas

  • Disclosure

(NBC News) If Space Aliens Are Looking Our Way, Here’s What They Might See

(Daily Mail) The moon once had an atmosphere: Study reveals ancient volcanic activity spewed gas above the surface where it lingered for 70 million years 

(NPR) Would Aliens Look Like Us?

(Daily Mail) A step closer to driverless flying taxis? CityAirbus propulsion system is fired up for the first time ahead of its maiden flight next year 

(Daily Mail) Space probes discover ‘significant concentrations’ of molecule thought to be a sign of alien life (but scientists say the find is ‘disappointing’)

(ZME Science) Senior SETI astronomer will bet you that intelligent aliens are due in the next 20 years


(Scientific American) Lockheed Martin Reveals Plans for Sending Humans to Mars

(NPR) What Would Aliens Make Of NASA’s Voyager?

(Express) Will Vladimir Putin reveal aliens are here? The ‘real reason’ why Donald Trump won’t do it

(Express) We are on cusp of confirming intelligent aliens EXIST: Top scientist’s astonishing claim

(RT) Vietnam orders execution of former oil exec in massive corruption purge

  • General Good News

(Daily Mail) The Great Barrier Reef is ‘returning from the dead’ as signs of life appear in areas worst hit by coral bleaching 

(NY Daily News) Royal Caribbean deploys Adventure of the Seas ship to assist Puerto Rico with supplies, evacuations

(5 News Online) US Military Sends Ships, Aircraft To Puerto Rico

  • Syria Update

(SputnikDaesh Militants Driven Out of 91% of Syrian Territory

“MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Islamists have been cleared from over 91 percent of the Syrian territory, according to figures published Friday in a newspaper affiliated with the Russian Defense Ministry.

An infographic in the Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) newspaper has showed that 91.6 percent of the land is now free from the Islamic State terrorist group (Daesh).”

(Russia InsiderRussia Again Says US Is Helping ISIS in Syria, Threatens to Put an End to It

“The US support for terrorists is the main obstacle for routing the Islamic State terrorist grouping (outlawed in Russia) in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said on Wednesday.

Russia’s Aerospace Force is ready to totally halt any actions of the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria passed off by the United States as ‘coincidences’, he went on.”

(SputnikRussian Airstrike in Syria Leaves Al Nusra ‘Emir’ in Coma, 49 Terrorists Dead

“Russia’s Aerospace Forces killed 49 militants, including seven Nusra Front terrorist group leaders, in a precision strike in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Thursday.

“As a result of a precision strike by a Su-34 bomber, 49 militants were eliminated, including seven leaders of militant groups of al-Nusra’s ‘eastern sector’,” Konashenkov said.”

(AMNISIS on the run as Syrian troops enter terrorist capital

“BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:35 P.M.) – It did not take long for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to get going around the Islamic State’s (ISIS) de facto capital, Al-Mayadeen, as their forces managed to liberate several areas en route to reaching the city today.

According to a military source, the Syrian Arab Army has since entered Al-Mayadeen from its western gates following a short battle with the remaining Islamic State terrorists holed-up around the city.

Al-Mayadeen is the Islamic State’s capital city, but it is also strategically located west of the Al-‘Umar Oil Fields, which are the largest producer of oil in Syria.”

Here is a reminder about the importance of the Syrian war in regards to the planetary situation in general:

(2012portalProxy Galactic War in Syria

“The situation in Syria is the geopolitical turning point for the planetary liberation. Pleiadians and allied races are now backing up Putin in his mission to clear Syria of the Islamic state mercenaries. Those beings actually belong to the Reptilian warrior caste which came to planet Earth thousands of years ago through the Caucasus portal and kept reincarnating in human bodies…”

(2012portal) The Syria Pentagram

“The real occult reason for the Syrian conflict is the battle for the Syrian goddess vortex which is one of the most important key energy points in the planetary energy grid.

Whoever controls that energy point is very close to controlling the majority of the energy leyline system on the planetary surface. Whoever controls the energy leyline system has direct access to global consciousness of humanity. This is why the Jesuits have engineered the creation of Daesh (Islamic State).”

Everything in general seem to be moving forward at a nice pace. The pedo arrests are continuing, disclosure is getting more interesting and there is more news about humanity winning these small and large battles more and more. Speaking of pedo arrests and Pizzagate, John Podesta was called out the other day on Twitter by Roger Stone who is a well-known political consultant, strategist and lobbyist.

John Podesta replied with the following response:

As I mentioned on Twitter I went through some of John’s tweets and in every single one I am seeing a total avalanche of PizzaGate comments that have nothing to do with John’s original tweet. It is amazing. Check it out for yourself if you’d like.

I’d like to add a personal update if that is not too much in addition to everything else in this article. I have been experiencing some very intense ‘strangulation’ energy and events since I began working with the PFC team and creating the meditation videos.

I am experiencing more attacks and interruptions in my daily activities, especially financially. Some of you know that I have been hit with 3 civil court cases in a row, one of them I already have a trial date for. If anyone feels guided to help with my situation in general I will include my paypal link as things are getting more difficult. Anything would be beyond appreciated…

Another interesting thing I experienced recently was this strange mark on my hand. I remember looking down and noticing it but don’t remember how it got there. The area of the hand is calloused now which is strange as I haven’t been doing any strenuous lifting or anything. It almost appears like a radiation burn. During one part of its healing stage it looked like it was bubbling, like a burn would.

It has been there for about a week and a half and I took some pictures of it just in case. There is no pain and the ‘injury’ is sub-dermal, meaning it is under the skin. It started beneath the skin of my palm and surfaced some days after I noticed it:

In any case it hasn’t affected anything except being strange and unusual.

Last but not least, I will share a wonderful video made by an amazing lightworker. I found it to be very uplifting and hope it helps others who are reading this now. I am wishing you all so much light and love as always. :))

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  1. Czarnobiały says:

    I had the same signes on my right hand. It appeard after night. No pain. Some part was fresh flesh and some new scar.

  2. truthearth says:

    Thank you for the advice Doron, I try to stay in communication with my ‘team’, they do help..:) Light and love always..

  3. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Jonathan has a whole bushel of goodies (links) to share with those who wish to investigate further the goings on (and sometimes under the radar) of these crazy times…

  4. Doron Gil says:

    As an exercise, call Source Creator and ask Him each day for protection, help and guidance on all issues at stake and see what happens…

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