Synchronicity Report

I have been experiencing a continuation of the countdown/completion synchronicities that I have been writing about for the last few days and wish to share some of them here. Just a short while ago I looked over at my CD player that I have connected to my speakers and laptop and noticed it read 10:00. That is actually what prompted this post. This clock is not set to the correct time, which makes these synchronicities even more amazing.


Literally as I was writing this I noticed the clock at 4:56. And amazingly, that is the next synchronicity that I want to share.


It is a receipt that I got from eating lunch today:


The amount and REF digits both indicate a stepping forward in numbers. I also recall earlier in the day I was walking by my oven clock and it changed from 12:33 to 12:34.

Interestingly, the time 2:32 in military time is 1432, so the 432 is also present, a countdown and also a sacred geometric number. And if we fix the date to the European style (which makes more sense in general, just saying) it is 14/10/2017 and my birthday 4/10 appears.

This is just a small portion of them that have been happening. I wish I could document all of them, because they would seriously blow you all away…Some of them are so ridiculous (amazing) and seemingly ‘impossible’, that I just laugh at them…

Strangely enough, I have been seeing 504 all of the sudden as of the last week. I have no idea what 504 means, I know it is a code that shows up on Cobra’s blog frequently…I noticed it when I looked down moments ago…


Something tells me that all of the massive amounts of countdowns I saw were in relation to the Hollywood story breaking out…some of these celebrities are saying they were abused when they were much younger…And #pedogate is the Achilles’ Heel of the Cabal so I am currently feeling and yielding to the guidance of ‘something‘ telling me to continue to follow and document this information…

In any case, time will ultimately tell what will happen with this story…it seems too big to be swept under the rug…at least not this time.

Light and love everyone!

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    I like this. ☺

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  2. truthearth says:

    Wow that’s a really good one!

  3. Today I got 999-CCC.

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