New Cobra Interview for December 2017

We have a new Cobra interview for this month of December 2017 which I will share some parts of below. Cobra had a short update that I will also include:

(2012portal) “A new situation update will be posted in the first few days of 2018.

Until then, you can enjoy this Pleiadian Christmas present:

Victory of the Light!”

And now for some excerpts from the interview:

(Prepare for ChangeCobra interview by International Golden Age Group – December 2017

“Patrick : Is asteroid Oumuamua really an alien spaceship?

C : It is not a spaceship, it is actually 2 objects which are almost touching each other, and they are given an appearance of very elongated objects, but it’s a natural object

P : Ok we’ll try. Did our global winter solstice meditation reach critical mass and bring significant results?

C : It did not reach critical mass but it of course did help in certain operations of the Light forces

P : How does the Resistance Movement review the overall performance of lightworkers on the surface in 2017?

C : I would say that the Resistance Movement understands that the Lightworkers have been under extreme stress on the surface of the planet, and there have been some major victories that have been organized by the lightworkers, some mass meditatons which have reached the critical mass and basically they have prevented world war 3 on the physical plane and they have prevented some very negative things from happening so this is the overview of the situation, from the perspective of the Resistance.

P : A special rainbow appeared at Mount Wǔtái few days ago. You said that is a PleiadianLiquid Light Ship. Can you talk about why the Pleiadian demonstrated their Liquid Light technology on this Tuesday?

C : It is simply because there was a lot of, I would say activity of the surface Lightworkers, that have put a strong Cintamani stone grid over China and Taiwan, and for this reason the Light forces Pleiadian ships can much more easily manifest in that area.

P : Globally speaking, do we enough awakened lightworkers as the catalyst of triggering the Event?

C : Yes when the time is right. But the conditions are not right, it’s not about the number of Lightworkers… I would say they are ready. But there are other things that are not ready, basically the conditions of the plasma plane, the toplet bombs, that is absolutely not ready.

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  1. Jafro says:

    I’m a little confused here and would love your input… Cobra says Asteroid Oumuamua is a natural object yet Corey Good claims it’s Artificial for sure. It always seemed to me like Cobra and Corey were very credible sources but in this case somebody doesn’t quite have the right info. Would really like to know your take on these very different claims.

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