Some More Synchronicities and Numbers Play

I am being guided to do another post in regards to some more synchronicities and numbers that I have just discovered today. The funny thing is that so many of these synchronicities have always been there, just waiting to be found! I am sure you can all relate!!

I have just found that dividing 410 and it doubled value (820 and so on) divided by 369 give some interesting results which I have created a photo for:


I have also found that if one multiplies Pi times 410 and then multiplies the result by itself (hitting the equals sign again, on the iPod calculator anyways) you get the following set of synchronistic numbers:


528 = Love frequency

101 = The Matrix’s Neo’s apartment number, among other meanings:

Image result for 101 door matrix

And 725 which in military time would be 1925 and 925 = 410 (Gematria = Christ) + 515 (Gematria = Jesus)

We also get a nice 444 which has different meanings for different people.

I have also discovered that by multiplying various numbers I am getting together I got a hit with 810 and 410 which equals 332100. And some people may remember many of the countdown synchronicities I have been getting and documenting here. Normally an event does end up happening after these start to appear:


I have also discovered that if you divide 410 by (8 is a number strongly connected to Jesus) you get 51.25. This is also a special number as it relates to the Mayan Calendar’s measurement of cycles of time in relation to the orbits of the planets around the Sun. We find that 5,125 years is exactly 1/5th the length of the precession:


I have also found that 5125 X 13000 (Year of the end of the Mayan Calendar) equals a number with 666 at the beginning and 25,000 happens to be about the amount of time it takes to complete one Great Age of the Zodiac (the amount is actually 25,920):


While crunching these numbers I was laughing at how incredible they were and I noticed a black van with some writing on it. On the driver door it said ‘expect miracles’ and the license plate had a 411 in it, just one digit away from 410, along with a ‘take it easy, man‘ inscription on the back! Advice taken! *Relaxes*


It also happened to be around 2:10 today which in military time is 1410.

I have also discovered and recalled a small chart that David Icke presented once at one of his brilliant talks and will include it and its many synchronicities below:

Image result for 5s 1s box equals 666

Interestingly, I have been seeing 911 (7:11 too but in military time it would be 1911) a lot but wasn’t sure what it meant but after seeing this it makes more sense. Again nothing wrong with the number 666. David Wilcock mentioned that the Gnostic Birthday of Jesus was September 11th.

Some might be interested to know that when one multiplies 410 into 5125 you get 2102150 which if we look closer we see 21012 which is a perfect mirror of 210 which in military time would be 1410:


I have just now figured out that 410 divided by 123 (123 = my full name in certain Gematria) equals 3.33333333333 (an occult number connection to Jesus). I also happened to snap this screenshot at 4:32:


Upon further calculations I have found that 410 divided by 666 = 0.61561561561561… which if we add the 5s and 6s it basically equals a bunch of 1s. I also happened to snap this one at 4:44:


This is everything for now. Thanks for checking this out and if there are anymore numbers I will be sure to report them here! Much love everyone!! <3

PS I just noticed that this happened to be post number 21121, another play on 12/21/12 and 212 which is another number that is very important. And today happens to be 1/21:




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