Prophetic Messages in the Mail?

In addition to the ever increasing Jesus-related synchronicities and signs that have been manifesting recently I have begun to receive what seems to be prophetic messages in the mail in addition to things being left on my door. It’s hard to explain so I will just show you!

Here is one that came the other day. An advertisement for ‘Breakthrough Realty’:


This one just came today, from ‘Victory Chapel’ saying that one would experience a change in their life along with a quote by Jesus:


This one came the other day from the Phoenix Symphony:


And I am still getting menus from JC Chinese. I would reiterate here that the numbers 8880/8888 in their phone number is a sacred geometric number that is strongly connected to Jesus:


And just yesterday a fire truck with engine number 33 passed by while on a walk. It passes by all the time but this time I was able to get a photo. I tried to enhance it so you could see the 33:


I will reiterate here that about 40% of the time when I look at the clock randomly now it has 33 in it somewhere: 1:33, 4:33… This just started as of the last several months, especially when the Jesus Synchronicities began last year.

While on this walk I was greeted with an encouraging bus stop sign:


There can be no doubt that we will all finish our journey and this planet will finally know peace and unconditional love. Much love everyone <3

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