Numbers in Dreams, More Jesus Synchronicities & More

So this report will have a couple of recent dreams in addition to some very strong Jesus synchronicities which have been manifesting.

The first dream was strange and seemed to be another version of being able to go to a certain point in time and space and repeat/relive the experience as many times as I wish, with some of them being very sad:


The next dream contained some numbers and seemed to be related to the current financial collapse:


The number 666 is originally a Goddess number and the 321 could be seen as a countdown number so perhaps it is another omen for the financial system and the Archon/Parasite Empire which is dying thanks to the help of the Goddess.

While in town the other day, January 21st, there were several Jesus synchronicities which manifested. After stopping to get gas at this gas station I had noticed the tires were a little low so I debated on using the air machine just across the parking lot. I almost didn’t go over there but I decided to do it anyways. I noticed the odometer read lots of 3s while still at the gas station:


The drive over to the air tire machine was just a couple of seconds so the odometer didn’t turn over which made this synchronicity very interesting. When I got out to use the tire pressure tool I noticed the pole where the tool was stored had a sticker on it which featured a bible verse along with Jesus’ name:


After going to the store and then back home I was suddenly guided to go into the Salvation Army thrift store. The higher ups do this occasionally which isn’t always fun due to obviously having to change the activity I am doing at a moment’s notice. But there is always a reason why.

So I walked around the store and wasn’t really being guided anywhere in particular until I got to the men’s clothing section and was strongly guided to take a photo of the following painting which I didn’t notice was related to Jesus until I saw the small text underneath it = “Come Unto Me”. This is an excerpt from Matthew 11:28:


After getting this photo I was guided to leave the store. So the reason for visiting appeared to be for the above photo. Synchronistically the gematria value of the words ‘Come Unto Me’ is 33, which is allegedly how many years Jesus lived:


There was another couple of Jesus synchronicities which manifested while in town today.

But first I would include a receipt which may have some interesting information on it:


If we plug the transaction number 186 into Pi we see it takes position 424:


Very interestingly, the word assigned to 424 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘anerchomai‘ and this means ‘I come up, go up, ascend.’ (Not in an Ascension context but a going up a hill or something similar). But the synchronicity could still apply as Ascension synchronicities have been manifesting. Again this is all done on faith so always use discernment.

As I mentioned before I don’t usually write about helping homeless people but there is a synchronicity which manifested while doing so this time so I am going to include it. After picking out a few things for this gentleman holding a sign at one store I wanted to get him something hot to eat so the closest and quickest thing was Burger King (sometimes the people move and I can’t find them again so I have learned to hurry). So I ordered him a burger and much to my surprise, I was order number 33, the same number of years Jesus allegedly lived and another number which manifests frequently along among countless others:


The next Jesus synchronicity was when I was guided to head towards home but was suddenly guided to go the library. The higher ups energetically guided me to the wall of community events and they guided my attention to one particular event which was about the life of Jesus which was being organized by the Yavapai Community College. The additional synchronicity was the Course ID number which ended in 205 which is half of 410, so here we see 410 manifesting along side Jesus synchronicities once again:


During another trip to town before this one I was guided to checkout a book titled ‘The Templar Brotherhood‘ which of course has many mentions of Jesus in it:


The most recent Gaia Portal message is connected to the magic number 410. The gematria value of this message is 657:



And if we plug 657 into Pi we see it takes position 410:


Yesterday I was getting the strongest energy of excitement. It was very powerful and filled my whole body and soul. I was so excited that we reached the critical mass! A lot of this excitement didn’t seem to be my own but from a higher source. This has manifested in the past and it seems as though ‘they’ are more excited about The Event than some people are. Probably because ‘they’ know more than we do.

The last two digits of this particular post number are 89:


89 happens to be a prime number and a Fibonacci number:


89 is the 24th prime number and we know if we plug 33 into Pi this takes position 24. Another reiteration that Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years:


This is everything for now, much love all.

PS The amount of words typed in this report before this sentence happens to be 888 which is the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ (Ιησούς) in Greek:



PPS Adding this next part later on. While at the store today I was guided to buy a different kind of floss made by the same company. Although I was wary about buying it as I couldn’t tell if it was vegan or not (the type of wax used). ‘They’ strongly guided me to do this and I didn’t understand why as it was the same price as the other kind I buy. But after looking up to see if it was vegan (which it is) I found that the price for this floss on Amazon was $4.10 (as of the time of this writing). So here we see the higher ups guiding me to this number once again:


floss410Additionally, the higher ups had me publish this article at 3:55 PM Arizona time which was just when I had finished checking it for errors and ‘they’ gave me a big energetic push to publish it at that moment and time. What I realized later on was that this was the 355th synchronicity report which makes up The Jesus Synchronicities. I was so blown away!

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