Possible Big Jesus Synchronicity, Guardian Angel Synchronicity, Ashtar/Ascension Dream & Other Synchronicities

I did not think I would be writing about the Jesus synchronicities again but after this experience with the strange dying while being alive episode (not sure what else to call it) I feel like maybe I should be.

A possibly amazing synchronicity manifested yesterday while I was eating in my vehicle. I was pondering all of the Jesus synchronicities and dreams I’ve been having over the years which simply started one day and haven’t stopped since. I wondered what would happen if I accepted what these dreams and synchronicities and communicating to me. And just as I was thinking ‘what if what the Jesus synchronicities are communicating to me is real?’ a huge thunder sound happened and it happened to be 4:44 PM:

Then some minutes later I was scrolling through the Telegram app on my phone and I noticed an incredible synchronicity. I am following the Telegram channel of General Michael Flynn (not sure if it is really him posting) and literally at 4:43 PM, a minute before the thunder happened and my thinking of the Jesus synchronicities, he posted this short clip of a huge lightening strike:

Today I noticed one of the people I stop and talk to who was flying his sign (who has a dog that is part wolf so there is my spirit animal appearing) and got him a couple of things and talked to him for a while. It wasn’t until later in the conversation that he told me about a gold coin he found after a lady helped him if I remember properly. He said the coin wasn’t there before on the ground where he found it. It was a coin with an angel on both sides:

I told him this was probably a sign that he was being watched over and that he would be given the money he needs at the right time.

Another interesting dream which kind of made me nervous was a dream communication regarding Ashtar:

What was interesting was that when I went to look up ‘Ashtar’ on Cobra’s blog I found that the first instance manifested on the article titled ‘The Ascension Plan’ and the word ‘Ashtar’ appears right after the words ‘Higher Source’ which were the exact words I wrote down in the dream. I was worried that this dream indicated that my Ascension would take a very long time:

(The Ascension Plan)

“…The Pleiadian fleet began to re-enter the Solar System in 1998 and on May 17th, 1998 received parts of the new Ascension plan from „higher sources“. The Ashtar Command began to re-enter the Solar System in early 1999 and has evacuated the majority of Earth humanity to Pleiades in August 1999…”


Time will tell of course. I expect that denying who you really are is not going to help the Ascension process. If it is true what the Higher Ups are communicating regarding the Jesus Synchronicities then if I continue to deny them then I will probably never Ascend.

On another note our library put out a small section on UFOs which was nice to see:

Here is another Jesus synchronicity which happened when I took a short trip to San Diego last month (July 2021). I was at a bar not far from the beach and suddenly this group of people showed up on the corner and starting singing about Jesus. The synchronicities happens no matter where I go or what I do.

Another one includes a trip to the mall I made the other day here in Prescott and while talking to this owner of a music instrument store another couple comes in and one of them was a magician in Vegas. Later on a man with a blue hat that said ‘Jesus’ on it came in and offered us some banana bread.

I’ve noticed that the more positive I am and the better things go, the more the Jesus synchronicities manifest and the more powerful they become. It happens without me trying. It is completely automatic. I’ve noticed they slow down when I think more negatively and behave negatively.

A quick example of seeing the word ‘Cobra’ before a new Cobra post was this photo I took on July 10th at the library which was a comic book called ‘Spirit’ which featured a character named ‘Cobra’. Cobra’s newest post was made a few days later on July 13th:

Bottom left illustration is where you find the word ‘Cobra’
Screenshot from my Google Photos account showing the date the photos were taken.

My birthday 4/10 continues to appear in the most amazing ways. While at the laundromat last week I saw a gentleman sitting outside and we started talking and he eventually admitted that his vehicle was broken down and that someone was supposedly on their way to help him. I asked him what was wrong since I’m mostly mechanically inclined (don’t know everything about cars but I do know enough to do most jobs) and he tried to tell me what was happening. He got his manual out and as I was flipping to the part of the manual regarding the fuel system he was watching me and said something about it being on page 410. I couldn’t believe my ears! Long story short his vehicle was gone after a couple of days after he got a new fuel filter on there.

He was kind of a difficult person to handle and this situation taught me that not everyone can or wants to be helped and I have to accept this. I also need to re-learn boundaries and making sure I help myself while balancing helping others. Not so easy when so many people need help.

Another possible Jesus synchronicity was when I was invited over to someone’s place yesterday and when I walked into their room for the first time there was a picture of Jesus on the wall:

It is not only myself that are experiencing these Jesus synchronicities but in fact a few lightworkers in high responsible positions have experienced undeniable ones as well. My relatives experienced them too. The synchronicities work just as amazingly and are as huge when other people are around and we are interacting with one another. No doubt there are more miracles/synchronicities (in my experience these terms are interchangeable) on the way.

One last possible Jesus synchronicity here. While I was walking into the library this morning I walked by a car which had 3444 on the license plate which is a number that has appeared before and in my dreams and it is the number assigned to the word ‘Yeshuah‘ in Strong’s Concordance which is an index and translation of every word in the King James Bible.

Anyways this is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love!

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