Amazing Halloween Synchronicity Stories

So here are a few things I wanted to share from yesterday. I had asked those who felt guided yesterday to try and do some kind of good deed to balance/neutralize the negative rituals that would be performed on Halloween. There were a few people who shared what they did, which you can find at this link.

I always try to practice what I preach so of course I tried to do as much as possible. I had a few pieces of orgonite lying around and decided I would take them into town and gift them. I never know who I am going to gift them to, usually the people are already picked out. I just need to be guided to them.

(I am usually not publishing these things I do with the homeless as it seems…I don’t know, I’m just not guided to do it. But I am usually always doing something like this, I just wanted to share this because it is part of this synchronistic day I experienced.)

This time was no different. After going to the dollar tree to get some supplies for the homeless (you can really set someone up good for a little while with 20$ there) I prepared a few bags of things to give them. Then in the same parking lot, a young woman (sadly many times with my encounters with the homeless, they are my age (20s) or very elderly) was holding a sign which read ‘just trying to survive’.

So she got a big bag of stuff and an orgonite towerbuster. As always, I wish it was more. So then I go to another store (I had been craving cookies lately, just any kind of vegan gluten-free cookies, which I ended up finding) and after that I went to another store, all the meanwhile looking for someone to give these bags of stuff to. I didn’t find anyone else, but when I was at the store a kind woman struck up a conversation about juicing.

Then she asked about my orgonite pendant and after talking for a little while I told her I had one more piece I could give her. (I brought three pieces with me, 1 pyramid for a woman who works at a general store near me, and 2 towerbusters; one for the homeless woman, and one for this lady, it was exactly what I needed to bring, not more or less.

So from that topic we moved into “conspiracies”, and from there into reptilians (PS I mean the upmost respect here, but this was an older woman I was talking to, you wouldn’t have guessed she would be so awake and aware! She knew it all; QAnon, David & Corey’s work, and everything in between. It was very humbling…another thing I’ve learned over the years is that the older I get, the more I realize I don’t know ****. It always helps to stay humble and open to learning new things, because there is SO MUCH to know and learn. This was the case when I was working at the hospital, almost everyone there is from another country, not to mention the diversity of the patients.

Now some might not believe this because I don’t have a photo of it, so you would have to take me at my word, but she she turned her phone on to take down something I was mentioning to her, the time was 3:14 pm. Pi appeared again. I was blown away of course.

So anyways we talked for what seemed like forever, got each other’s numbers and went on our way. The odds of meeting someone who is a walking talking fully-aware redpill/starseed is pretty low in my experience. I mean some of my co-workers at the hospital didn’t know who Edward Snowden was…

But yes those were my experiences yesterday that I wanted to share with you all. I hope you enjoyed it. It was beautiful. Thanks for checking this out everyone, much love.



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  1. lmamer says:

    Wonderful 🙂 Thank you XO

  2. Hey some of us older women are way more hip than the “hipsters”! People just don’t realize how cool and savvy we really are!

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