410 Synchronicities in the Show ‘The Messengers’

I could hardly believe the synchronicities I found in this show. I was scrolling through Netflix seeing if anything would ‘ping’ and guide me to watch it and research the content of a show, and ‘The Messengers’ came up and I said okay let’s do it.

A quick synopsis of the show: A small handful of beings experience a ‘wave’ which endows them with ascended abilities (one each) in order to stop certain people from becoming evil and destroying Earth. It is mostly religious-based, like ‘The 4400’, but it is still very good.

Imagine my surprise when in one scene this ‘wave’ hits a preacher man named ‘Joshua’ (a hint towards Jesus right there), he dies (they all ‘die’ temporarily and come back to life) and he comes back to life at exactly 4:10 PM with the ability of seeing visions and prophecies. Here are a couple of screenshots of him telling the public what happened, the text is Netflix’s subtitles:


You can even hear him talk about it here in this clip:

We also see the number 555 appear again when we enter the title of the show into the gematria calculator:


Using the base-7 cipher we get a value of 65, which takes position 7 when we enter it into Pi (7 is a sacred number in the Universe: 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 densities, 7 days of the week, and in the show there are 7 messengers all together):

Image result for septenary cipher


We find the number 410 once again in the IMDb database page for the actor who plays Joshua, (close to Yeshua, closer to the original name of Jesus that we know of and use). The page number ends in 820 which is the result of 410 + 410:


We find an instance of 11:11 in the IMBd page for the show. It ends in 704:


And the meaning for the number 704 on the Angel’s Numbers website is 11/11/11:


The show aired April 17th, 7 days after April 10th:


I would like to reiterate the re-occurrence of this number 410 in connection to Jesus. April 10th (410) was the disappearance date of the character Jordan Collier in ‘The 4400’ who goes on to play a modern Jesus:



Even the name ‘Jordan Collier’ registers a 410 in the gematria calculator using prime numbers:


The gematria value of ‘Christ’ is 410:


410 is my birthday:


It is the address of my insurance carrier:


And one of the most synchronistic moments of my life was when I was at the store getting groceries. A man who identified himself as a Hopi elder approached me and told me about the changes that are taking place right now. He told me about his book, which I looked up later, it was published on my birthday, he said our meeting was not a coincidence:


Of course there are way more synchronicities than just these, I am just listing a few. These are just the ones I have found in the show for now, if there are more I will share them here. Much love all <3


Just noticed this after publishing this, the post number and the word count both ended in 489:


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