CIA on lockdown

Update @ 2340 2/23/15 It appears that this info was a little more sensationalized than it should have been. Even though it would have been great news to hear about the CIA being shutdown and the bad guys being incarcerated, it is important to try and check sources and use your own discernment when things like this come out. Here is the link to a website going into the details of what has been going on there. Apparently protesters organize around this area weekly and the CIA regularly closes things down so no terrorist group can get in and attack them (even though the CIA is terrorizing the entire planet).

I was browsing zee web when I came across this interesting headline ‘C.I.A. Headquarters on Lockdown’. No other information has been given, although speculation in the comment sections are abundant. Some are claiming religious intervention and others claim whatever it is they think it is. But we can probably and safely assume it might have something to do with cleaning house. Given all the information that is out about corruption and greed within our government departments. Anyways just wanted to post this and see if maybe someone else might have info that will connect any dots in some way.

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