Frustration with Facebook

So Facebook has recently given me an ultimatum and decided they want me to either use my real name (which they seem to already know and from articles i’ve read FB is fully monitored by the CIA. So I don’t know why they want to have it displayed) or provide documents to prove my name is TruthEarth.

They accepted documents such as; drivers licenses, social security cards and a few other ‘official only’ documents. So I indeed said my name was TruthEarth and sent them a classified picture of something. I forgot what the picture was but thought it would be a good laugh as no one in their right mind would think of sending them a copy of one’s social security card.

Well maybe there is someone that would. But that someone isn’t me. They know everything about me already. So they’ve been dragging their feet saying they will look at the documents I sent and will get back to me if they need anything more. It was suggested that I get a fan page. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself as someone who would have ‘fans’ lol. It might get Facebook off my back about my name. We’ll see. Thanks Margaret for suggesting that idea.

I love you all very much and I will continue to publish any intel or articles as they pertain to the liberation of planet Earth and to keep everyone in the loop as best as possible.

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