USA is a Corporation, Many Arrests Behind the Scenes, Jade Helm not a Bad Thing!

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. As well as one could be in a world driven by profit by 0.02% of the population I mean. I know many aren’t doing so well, but I have good news to share! I also have some sobering news to deliver before that. I’d like to end this post on a good note. Some of this may be news to you, some not so just bear with me if it’s not.

The United States of America is, in fact, a corporation. Yes, for about a hundred years this country has been sneakily operating and functioning as a company with its headquarters in Washington D.C. Here is a great post by an anonymous judge that recently came out on May 5th. It goes into great detail about our real history and how the Cabal (bad guys) snuck in a second constitution, putting the Republic of the United States on the back burner and into the shadows. They did a play with words with lower case and upper case letters and named their company THE UNITED STATES, INC. Our freedom and sovereignty have been hijacked by some very very smart, but arrogant, individuals hell bent on enslaving us. Which, from the looks of things, they have succeeded. But remember I said they were arrogant, and that is their Achilles Heel (their weakness).

When you vote for a new president, you are getting just that, a CEO. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, it’s two sides of the same Frisbee. So there you have it. Here is a webpage that goes into the nuts and bolts of how this came to be. Becoming aware of these things is very important as these people never wanted this info to get out. It is extremely damning, especially to those here and in other countries who have legal power and authority.

So anyways that is the bad news. Now for some good news! I recently listened to a radio call between two gentleman who seem to be working behind the scenes in the financial sector and they have relayed some pretty amazing news. And if it’s true we are looking at seeing a massive change in our reality very soon. I will post the audio but will give a brief description to the intel they released. I should say that these guys have websites that have information on their intents within the financial world. They work with individuals who have humanitarian projects that need to be funded and there was a mention from a caller about them being involved with the St. Germaine trust. Here is one of their websites and here is the other one.

Here is the audio to that radio show. Most of the good stuff is played during the beginning =]

They have stated that there have been mass arrests going on behind the scenes (40 a day) and that the corruption is pretty much cleaned up and that the Chinese feel comfortable releasing funds for these projects. You might also like to hear that the Chinese were waiting for all the seats in the REAL governance of the Republic of the United States had been filled (real senators, etc.), which has now happened and that this week of the 18th was a very big week for these plans and this money. I just found an article before I typed this up with more intel about what has been happening behind the scenes in the finance world but i’m unsure of the website and the poster. But it seems to align with what I have been reading and hearing. Here is the article. It gets into more detail about the financial situation.

I’d also like to post Benjamin Fulford’s new article which has even more info on what’s happening with regards to USA CORP being bankrupt. Here is his latest intel release. He talks about how the Khazarian Mafia (bad guys based in Israel) is trying to negotiate an amnesty (a pardon) deal in exchange of them giving humanity a ton of money. According to the plan of the positive military and alliance all of them should be arrested and tried for their crimes and their punishment given by a proper jury. They may get the death sentence, they may not. We will see. But them trying to basically buy their way out of trouble isn’t going to work this time. However, we should note that this is fantastic progress. Our liberation is so close!

So i’ve addressed Jade Helm 15 before, in my last post I think but i’d like to put it out there again because I do see some individuals who are nervous and shaken up about the concept of having military everywhere doing drills. Cobra, who is a member of the resistance and a spokeperson for the Pleadians who are working here on Earth and has a blog here, has addressed this recently and said “Let me just say that Jade Helm 15 military exercise will give the Positive Military much needed real life simulation intel for the time of the Event. The cabal tries to spin that military exercise and disseminates fear based scenarios as part of their psychological warfare. I will calm some fears by stressing that the Light forces have said very clearly that the martial law in the US will NOT be introduced under any circumstances. They have also strongly suggested that everyone remains calm and does not engage in any conflicts the Cabal might try to engineer.”

You see there is going to be massive amount of confusion when disclosure happens and people, in their now shattered world view, might get angry enough to cause some damage. That is where the positive military comes in, to ensure this is as peaceful of a transition as possible. The awakened people who are reading this and other blogs that know what’s going to happen will be critical in calming down those around them and letting them know everything is going to be okay. Your guys’ efforts and importance during this time can’t be overstated. There is more info on what is going to happen at the Prepare for Change website.

Now from what I understand there have been massive military movements all over the planet. Most major countries and i’m assuming some smaller ones also have had huge military drills lately. This aligns with the fact that there will be mass public arrests of members of the Cabal. Again, this is a good thing! The Cabal is using whatever fumes they have left to try and make sure you are scared of JH 15 and the large amounts of military moving about because they knows it’s for them. Their time is coming. In fact from what i’ve heard from David Wilcock’s talks, the Cabal are expecting to be arrested, tried and defeated so that they may rise up like a Phoenix from the dead, meet their gods and instill a New World Order. This is part of their religion and they know this is going to happen. So in their minds, them being caught and tried is a good thing. Which obviously, it’s not.

Secret Space Program and direct ET/ED contactee insider Corey GoodETxSG has stated recently in his Facebook posts (here is his Facebook) that the Cabal will be using their best disinfo agents within the next few months to confuse anyone and everyone as best they can. This is the last card they have to play. And it’s important now more than ever to sharpen and practice your discernment skills. Any information that doesn’t resonate with you, toss it. If it does, great! He has been working with David Wilcock (here is his website) and currently has a second part to a post on his blog in the works, a video which will be released for free on YouTube where he interviews Corey and a free e-book which will be posted on his website hopefully within the next week or so. So we have that to look forward to.

Anyways I hope I have alleviated some fears and concerns about what’s happening on planet Earth right now. Like i’ve said in previous posts, this is truly THE time to be alive. To have a front row seat in watching and being a part of the liberation of an entire planet and its populace is an amazing thing. No matter what terrible things you are going through, you have to admit, this is an incredible opportunity. However, I think we can all agree that this definitely couldn’t have come soon enough. We also need to remember that what we are doing right now is very important. Per the Blue Avian beings we need to become more loving and helping to everyone around us. Everything and everyone is one. So helping someone is helping yourself out. One should work on oneself and try to learn to forgive those around them. This can be very difficult but it’s important to know that the cycle of anger and resentment stops when one is forgiven.

Whoa things got really deep in that last paragraph. Haha. Anyways thank you for reading this post. Sorry for it being so long but it does have a lot of useful info in it and I hope it ends up helping someone. Much love to you all =]]]]

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