Free the colonies meditation tomorrow Saturday 5/30/2015

This is a call to action to assist the liberation of the Earth! Cobra has put up a post about how the alliance will be embarking on some of the final parts of the mission to free everyone from the Chimera group and Cabal.

There have been people that were taken off planet to become slaves to one or more of the secret space programs. The alliance will be moving in to free these people from their tortuous and painful lives. Here is the blog post with more details on what has been happening in space with these poor souls. Some of the things they have to deal with are worse than what goes on here on Earth.

There will be a mass meditation tomorrow on Saturday 5/30/2015. Here is a link to determine what time in your zone it will be when this is happening so you can participate. It will be at 2:11 pm.

Knowing about some of the things that the Cabal does to people here on Earth makes me cringe and wonder what goes on at these colonies. It is as dark as dark can be.

However, if you are following geopolitical events and the like you will realize things are finally coming to a head. The Earth WILL be liberated. The universe/source wants this.

Cobra has stated that after the colonies are freed, the Earth will be next. I remember in a previous post he did he state that from the date of the post to around May would be a good time for something really good to happen.

I thank everyone who will participate in this meditation and assist in the liberation of Earth and its people above us. They are our family.

In case you haven’t heard or read, meditation has a very powerful effect on physical (I use this word loosely as nothing is ‘physical’, everything is a sound/vibration) matter as well as an effect on global events. Here is an article going into how when 7,000 people got together and meditated (some of them probably not doing it exactly as it should have been done) researchers noted a 75% decrease in terrorist activity. All other factors were ruled out.

Here is a link to a study by Harvard where results stated that participants noticed a thickening of the front portion of the brain which is responsible for self-awareness, consciousness, intelligence and a few other very important functions and shrunk the Amygdala which is responsible for stress, anxiety and fear.

So coming together and focusing on something has a huge and noticeable/measurable effect on ourselves and environment.

Thank you for reading and I love you all! Victory to the Light!

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