Many many changes! Hard to keep up!

The title pretty much sums it up. There are so many changes happening both on and off this planet it’s difficult to get a handle on it. I will attempt to summarize these changes the best way I can.

Here on the ground we can see changes in power among the ‘elite’. And I only refer to these people as ‘elite’ simply because of their financial status in our society. Which isn’t actually doing so well now so we should probably give them a lower title. I’m sure you can figure out a few nice names for them!

Recently Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of 21st Century Fox, has announced he is stepping down and will be handing the reigns over to his sons James and Lachlan. Here is that article from CNN.

We also have the head of the DEA, Michele Leonhart, stepping down. Here is that article. Also on the Cabal News Network (CNN). It was found that she had performance issues and for some reason wasn’t aware or was unwilling to act on instances in a general report stating that there were sex parties going on in Colombia with prostitutes that were paid for with drug cartel money.

I just found this report yesterday that a woman in Canada had reported that she was in line at a Dollar Tree and the cashier stated to the person in front of her that they no longer accepted American money. Here is the article to that.

We have also heard from David Wilcock per his insiders that Saudi Arabia is no longer accepting the dollar to buy oil and this was back in January of this year. Here is an article going into more details about which countries are giving the US dollar the boot and the finger. There is a graph that represents this very well but I couldn’t find it so that article will have to do for now.

We also have news reports from here and there that there are MASSIVE military drills going on all over the globe. It is a world wide event and it is definitely gearing up towards a huge scale event the likes of which we haven’t seen. If you are privy to the insider sources and follow what the ancient civilizations and what all religions have been saying about the time we are currently in, you would realize that this is the golden age. This is the time where the dark is defeated and we enter into a reality where there is peace and love and infinite prosperity.

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The term ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ is a term that was coined by a psychic that lived many a year ago. I would say roughly in the 16th century or so. A gentleman by the name of Charles A. L. Totten deciphered this term. He was a civil war hero and wrote a letter to the secretary of the treasury at the time and wrote that “Novus Ordo Seclorum is a quotation from the fourth eclogue and was borrowed in turn by Virgil from the mystic Sybilline records.” This material was channeled by the Sibil of ‘Quemay’ (not sure if I spelled that right) and was regarded at the time to be the most accurate psychic of all time. Her channelings were one of the most guarded treasures of the Roman government. She stated in one of her channelings that we would enter into this new era or golden age. Some very exciting stuff here.

Now we will get into the space stuff. My favorite! As I have posted before in the past about the whistle blower named Corey Goode, he has been churning out lots of up to date information on the status of our planet in regards to the shift in power among the ‘elite’, the energetic DNA and Earth changing waves that are saturating our globe and sol system and the status on the ultimate surrender and disclosure of ET/ED (extra-dimensional) life along with all the atrocities that have been committed by the rulers of this planet. Here is a link to Corey’s blog. Lots of useful and uplifting info there.

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According to him, he has been attending meetings on the LOC (lunar operations command, on our moon). In these meetings goes on a type of big U.N. type conference which includes beings from all over that are involved with what they and all others in the Secret Space Programs call ‘The Grand Experiment’ here on Earth. There are currently 40 groups of ETs that are putting forth their claim to our genes (they have proof that their genes are a part of us) and would like to decide how we move forward in our lives. This of course can’t happen as it would violate the universal law of free will.

During the last meeting the cabal wanted to extend/put off/delay the disclosure process another 50 years. This, of course, wasn’t for a second considered an option and disclosure will happen and won’t be delayed any longer. According to David Wilcock’s insiders the cabal might be planning to use the lights on the dwaft planet Ceres to do mass disclosure.

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On NASA’s website there is a survey that inquires the public as to what we think the ‘bright spots’ on Ceres are. There are options for ice, a few others and then ‘Other’. And 38% of people chose ‘other. So as you can see there is a big part of the population that is at least open minded to the idea of life elsewhere. This is a good start.

We can also see disclosure in film and T.V. I recently finished watching a show call ‘Starcrossed’ on Netflix. It’s about these ETs called ‘Atrians’ that crash landed on Earth and their journey of integrating into society. It’s a high school based plot but the acting is great and the message is clear. They are putting you in the mind set that we will and have been living with and working with ETs/EDs and that there are good and bad ones. The good ones outweigh the bad ones though. There is a song they play in the first episode that blew my mind. It’s called the Age of Aquarius. Also if you drop the R, C and U from Arcturian, you get Atrian. Very cool stuff! I was upset to find out the show was canceled after only 1 season.

I have also seen ‘Tomorrowland’ a couple times. This movie has a big big disclosure in it and I highly recommend everyone who can afford the ridiculous price of a movie ticket to see it. This may be a spoiler alert but i’ll go ahead anyway. I don’t think this info will ruin the impact and seriousness of this movie though. They depict this ‘elite’ looking gentleman as kind of a Reptilian/Nazi with his uniform being dark and having scales along the shoulder and sleeves of his overcoat. They disclose the fact that the negative entities on this planet have to obey the universal law of free will and tell us what they are going to do before they do it. They get our ‘implied consent’ by showing us these terrible atrocities through the media.

In this movie or documentary I should say they show this giant tower that is constantly broadcasting images of an Armageddon on Earth with a pole shift and flooding and volcanoes going off. These images are broadcast into people’s heads and the Nazi looking fellow says it was for humanity’s own good because they didn’t much care for the planet because changing things would require something from them today. They tell us in this film that we are co-creators in our world and have the power to change anything we want. It is a real eye opener and a very uplifting movie. Big round of applause to those who brought this movie to life. They also disclose a lot of cool technology that whistle blowers have told us exist. I’ll let you find that out for yourself if you decide to go see it =]

So if you encounter someone that is saying oh no nothing is happening, everything is the same, you can show them this post and they will see that a TON of stuff is happening. I still come across people like this once in a while. It seems they are not willing to open their eyes to these changes or are giving into their programming.

There’s a lot more stuff going on but I just thought I would summarize it, like I said, the best I can. Sorry about not updating in a while! I’ll try to keep up. Much love to you all and keep up the good work everyone! Our liberation is closer than ever!

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