New David Wilcock Article – ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal

The host of 3 shows on Gaia T.V. network and author of three books and well-known researcher David Wilcock has released part I of a possible series of articles that go into deep detail about the final defeat of the Cabal and read disturbing things about #PizzaGate that we would only hope wasn’t true. You are now seeing it all over the web and mainstream media as the civilian investigation continues to gain momentum and more damning evidence is found linking members of government, politicians, presidents, vice presidents and others in a child trafficking, pedophilia and Luciferian crime ring on an industrial scale. I will post David’s article here in full below. Here is the link to it in case you’d like to read it there.

Here are some excerpts:

“Imagine if you woke up one day to see hyper-futuristic ruins being revealed in Antarctica.

You’re not seeing this on Ancient Aliens or on alternative news sites, but everywhere… on every major media platform there is.

Imagine journalists and military officials revealing these incredible findings—in videos shot on location.

An event of this magnitude could be far more distracting than any 9/11-style catastrophe.

The power elite may well be hoping that such a civilization-defining “game changer” could make any and all preceding news stories irrelevant and forgotten.”

 “The Cabal may well use Disclosure as their final Hail Mary pass when they are on the brink of defeat – which now appears to be very imminent.

A Hail Mary Pass is where an American football player throws the ball across most of the entire field—in a desperate attempt to score a game-changing touchdown with no time left on the clock.”

“Any type of formal disclosure, such as of super-advanced ancient ruins in Antarctica, would be a massive game-changer that could create enormous distraction.

It does appear that the Cabal has been holding onto this “card” all along, and may be about to play it.”


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