The Truth Committee on Public Debt just declared Greece’s debt odious/illegal, this means they don’t have to pay it back!

In a very interesting and for some, surprising, headline I found today, the Truth Committee on Public Debt has investigated and found that Greece’s debt to the Troika (the European Commission, the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund) to be illegal and is subject to be written off.

Here is the article going into the details of that.

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I’ve only being following geopolitical events for a few months now but I think i’ve got a decent grasp on what’s happening. Greece is up to their eye balls in debt and don’t have any money to pay the Troika back. The problem also is that these institutions are charging interest. Which is nonsense because, like the Federal Reserve, they print money from nothing.

I’m not sure if that is the case anymore given the behind-the-scenes info and intel given out by Benjamin Fulford and other insiders.

According to David Wilcock’s insiders, the trigger for the bail-ins that the western banks are planning to do (they are broke and have no money left either apparently) will be Greece defaulting on their loans. This will affect the Euro and ultimately the dollar. Which they technically have done now (the default not the bail-ins). Actually, some might argue they defaulted a long time ago but have been kicking the can down the road ultimately putting off the inevitable for the sake of avoiding a massive collapse of our financial system.

Here is Benjamin Fulford’s latest intel update from a couple days ago going into Greece’s predicament.

That’s all for now. It should be an interesting time here on planet Earth. Stay positive everyone. We can handle whatever comes our way. We’ve lived many lives on this planet and have probably survived a lot worse. Much love to you all =]]

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