New Video: The Solar Flash (Galactic Wave of Love) 432Hz

I have been strongly guided to make a video which focuses on the activity of our Sun. The Galactic Central sun is emitting strong energies which are being funneled through our Sol and then to us on Earth causing a build up of energies which will ultimately culminate in The Event.

I attempted to find a song that was Sol-related and thanks to a dear friend and fellow video creator Arbre Solaire I have found exactly the song for this video. Synchronistically is is titled ‘Our Destiny‘ from an album titled ‘Sun‘.

I am not sure if this is interference but during the making of this video one of my speakers blew out on my pretty new-ish laptop! Pretty strange! In any case the video is finished and I hope those who feel guided to see it will enjoy it! It is a message from ‘them‘ to all of you, as are all of these videos. Much love everyone!


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  1. Yes I’m aware how they’ve co-opted sacred symbols. Ages ago, remember when credit cards first came out with that little holographic image? It was said that they put Sacred symbols into the image ever then they would blanket it into the mass Consciousness so that when the time came for people to see real sacred symbols and recognize and have it trigger an Awakening in them, it wouldn’t work, because they had already been anesthetize by the fake sacred symbols.

  2. truthearth says:

    Pretty much all of the Cabal’s symbols were originally positively oriented until they were co-opted and used for evil sadly…I highly recommend the following video on this blog to explain it more!

  3. I didn’t know that!

    “..As a young man, just beginning his study of Hebrew and Christian mysticism, Crowley discovered that the number 666, rather than being a number associated with evil, was especially sacred to the life-giving powers of Sun. It was also identified with the heart chakra (or psychic center) in the human body – also called in other traditions the Christ center.”

  4. truthearth says:

    This is the number of the Sun friend πŸ™‚ This is a good sign!

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  6. Another great Video, Jonathan! I appreciate all your videos and posts, and I am always seeing number sequences not not so elaborately as you do. When I clicked on this video to open it in YouTube, did I get my usual 1111 or 22 or 444 as view sequences? —NO I got 666!!! 😱 πŸ˜…

  7. Eliza Ayres says:

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    Coming to a planet we all know SOON!

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