Even more disclosure from NASA (Pyramid & ‘Planet X’)

Things must really be heating up behind-the-scenes as I see more and more disclosure coming out via those who have made every effort to hide what was happening above us in order to keep us from knowing that we are one of many many civilizations that exist in this solar system alone.

Here is the article going into how a part of Google Sky has been unblacked and now shows this object that was previously, well, blacked out.

Here it is before:
some text

And after:
some text

We also have, from many other websites, NASA showing a picture of a pyramid on Mars from the Curiosity Rover. IN ADDITION to that this article has a NASA scientist kinda sorta acknowledging that it is indeed, a pyramid. It’s an interesting read. The scientists name is Dr. Anstrohm H. Traubedauer.

some text

We also have a post from Starshipearththebigpicture’s blog (thanks again for posting this!) where cameras caught hundreds of fireballs shooting through space and our atmosphere. Pretty amazing. Here is that post.

some text

That’s all for now! Much love to everyone!

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