Disclosure info from Secret Space Program whistleblower Corey Goode and head of NASA

Some of you may or may not be following whistle blower Corey Goode on his blog Spherebeingalliance.com and for those who aren’t I highly suggest you look into the information he has been putting out.

Just yesterday he posted a fantastic article where he describes in great detail his experience visiting an ICC (interplanetary corporate conglomerate) base on Mars where he and his colleague/partner (is that the right word?) explore and gather intelligence on the people living and working there based on fresh intel from a defector (the ICC are the bad guys in a basic sense).

Here is the article.

Also here is David Wilcock’s review and added commentary to his article with more info on when his interviews with Corey will debut on his show Disclosure on Gaiam TV (this is an internet based subscription service).

If you want to know what’s going on in the universe and here on Earth you gotta check these guys out. This is basic conspiracy theory reading. Except it’s not a conspiracy and these aren’t theories. It’s knowledge that all humans should and will know in the near future when a, and I can’t stress this word enough, massive disclosure event occurs. The dam has many many leaks and there isn’t enough epoxy to seal them with.

The alliance and resistance have successfully hacked and obtained the personal information and records of what’s now being reported as 18 million federal employees. Here is the article for that from CNN.

Corey Goode has linked this hack with the resistance movement and believes this information along with everything Snowden and his team got from the NSA (which was everything) will be used for near future trials against these people who have been doing unimaginably horrible things to the population and this planet.

Here is Benjamin Fulford’s latest intel release and it includes a lot of juicy info on behind the scenes stuff that you won’t hear even in the alternative media. Discernment is advised as always with all information. Especially since the cabal, per Corey, have put their best disinfo agents out in the field and the web in order to stir up confusion and panic so the cabal can hold on to whatever power they think they have left.

Meanwhile, we have a NASA administrator (the head of NASA) coming out and saying Area 51 exists as do ETs (I avoid the word ‘alien’ because they aren’t alien, we are related to them, they are our family and they really want to reunite with us). Here is that article. Mind you this is coming from a cabal controlled media outlet. Or so we think it’s cabal controlled at this point 😉

I’ve said this too many times but hell, i’ll say it again, WHAT AN AMAZING TIME TO BE ALIVE!

Well i’ll leave ya’ll with that for now. Thank you everyone for reading and giving me your time. You are all wonderful and I appreciate what you’re doing for our planet and humanity. Much love as always =]

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