Influx of False Flags all of the sudden!

Wow I think we’ve had at least four false flags happen within the last week. The first one being on 6/18, the Charleston shooting in South Carolina which, of course, was intended to incite racism and spark gun control debate. Apparently the shooter’s Facebook was just made a month ago and has about 100 friends and the picture looks as though it was grabbed from Google images.

Now we must remember that the Cabal uses these shootings to distract people so they can get away with something or just divert attention away from a pressing issue. Just as Obama was addressing the nation about the Charleston shooting, Congress passed the TPP authority bill. Which, if you haven’t researched it, is a pretty bad thing for us and the world. Effectively giving Obama the power to put this law into effect that gives world trade power to corporations. At least that’s my interpretation of it. I could be wrong but I think we can all agree that anything Congress passes isn’t anything we want to be a part of.

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6/20 Then another shooting in Detroit at a basketball court where 11 people were injured and 1 killed.

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6/21 So then we have another one in New Jersey at Club 9 where supposedly 2 were killed and 1 injured.

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6/21 THEN we have this one which just happened in a New Jersey park where 3 people were shot at a Father’s Day party. I don’t have a picture for that one because it apparently just occurred a few hours ago.

Now. What is happening right now that is HUGE? Greece has said F-U to their loan sharks, I mean creditors as their debt has been declared nonsense and illegal, which it is. This effectively means the unraveling of the European Union and the Euro and therefore the Dollar as all this money and all the banks are tied together.

So let’s see what happens over the upcoming days and weeks. You can’t distract people from a failing financial system as it will inevitable affect everyone. Buckle up! Remember, this is part of the defeat of the bad guys, they need to be cut off from their money. This is how they’re holding humanity hostage. Along with the implants we get when we incarnate here that are tied to toplet and strangelet bombs. Both are important and need and will be taken care of.

Much love to everyone! Do not feed fear, feed the positive part of you that wants change and a better life for your fellow humans, animals and Gaia. Whatever comes our way, we will make it through =]

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