Comments from David Wilcock on Ben Fulford’s new post/Many arrests happening/Soft disclosures happening

So things are as usual picking up in the truth movement and there have been many eye catching headlines and other information being put out.

Since David Wilcock’s blog Divine Cosmos suffered a massive hack, he has posted some comments on Benjamin Fulford’s weekly newsletter intel update. Here is a link to his page.

Here is a link to an great blogger who gathered the comments and put them in one post. There are many on there and I highly recommend checking them out.

We also have billionaire Yuri Milner who partnered with Stephen Hawking in a $100 million dollar effort to find ET life. This is a big soft disclosure and I do recall Stephen Hawking speaking out against looking for ETs as we wouldn’t know what their intentions would be. We do have insider testimony from many secret gov’t black ops projects that state that we are already in contact with ETs and regularly trade with them and have been doing so for a long time.

Here is the link to the article about Yuri offering someone a million bucks to come up with a message for the ETs.

Then we also have article from a mainstream news station saying a woman had taken a picture of a ‘lizard man’. We do know that according to whistleblowers that we have been ruled by Orion Draco Reptilians for tens of thousands of years so this could be an effort to get people used to the idea of this type of being.

The Vatican’s chief astronomer has come out saying that we are not alone recently. Here is that article.

AND THEN lol are you tired of me using those words yet? I hope not because this next one is a real doozey. NASA came out recently and said they had a HUGE announcement. What was this announcement? They had located an Earth 2.0. With a rotation around its sun in 385 days and 60% bigger it was said to be perfect for life. Here is the link to NASA’s site going into more detail about this. It is being called Kepler 452B. We should also not forget that they have found many many Earth-like planets but this one seemed to garner more media attention to prepare people for when disclosure happens.

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Now on to the arrests. We have seen the Attorney General for Texas Ken Paxton being arrested. Here is that article.

Then we have a trader Tom Hayes who worked for UBS and Citibank who was arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison for participating in the LIBOR scandal. Basically all major banks were found guilty of colluding together to make money off of manipulating bank interest rates. It was a multi-trillion dollar operation and sadly almost no one went to prison, until now. There are bigger fish to fry but we are on our way with this guy. Here is the article to that.

Saudi Arabia arrested 431 people who were linked to working with ISIL. Here is that article.

There have been many other things going on in the news and I will do a different post about them. I could write for a whole day about what’s been coming out lately. One day in the future we will be able to look back at this time and say wow, what an effed up world we lived in. Let’s not do that again. That’s all for now everyone. Thanks again for reading. I love you all! =]

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