Another preparation for disclosure and message from the resistance movement!

More and more we are seeing little bits of news stories that are obviously prepping people for the oncoming disclosure event that will change our very paradigm.

I just found this gem from Dailymail with this interesting headline: “Mysterious LA loner with $5m gun arsenal was ‘a human-alien hybrid secret agent sent to save the human race’ claims his fiancee”

Here is the actual article. There are no pictures of this gentleman but from what we have been hearing from whistle blowers and insiders is that most life in the universe takes on a humanoid form, many of them you couldn’t tell apart from us.

So you can definitely see a push to get everyone ready for the fact that we are not alone and we have been receiving assistance for a long time in this transitional period we are in right now.

Another thing I find interesting was in the headline: A human-alien hybrid secret agent sent to save the human race. This is a far cry from the usual “ALIENS ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL” that we see in movies and mainstream media. So this is very significant.

We also have a message from Cobra (spokesman for the Pleadians working underground to liberate the planet) about the infamous Galactic Energy Wave that will be enveloping us even more than now in the near future. He has always avoided giving dates and time frames but it appears that we are so close to our liberation that one has been given, October to December. So we will have to see how it goes.

Here is the article.

That’s all for now everyone. Thank you for reading and continue to be kind to others and be loving and forgiving. If everyone on the planet did that, almost all of our problems would be solved. But each person has to do it on their own. One cannot be coerced into that state of mind. Guided perhaps, but not forced.

Much love!

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