British pedophile scandal exposed on 60 Minutes, David Wilcock’s new show with Corey Goode ‘Cosmic Disclosure’, other things easing people into disclosure!

Boy howdy that was quite a title, wasn’t it? Ha. I’m going to start out with David Wilcock’s new show ‘Cosmic Disclosure’. The first 2 episodes will be free and the first one is airing today 7/21. Here is the preview:

You will be able to watch it free at Gaiam TV.

We also have an explosive exposé of the British pedophile scandal that aired on 60 Minutes in Australia. Here is the link to watch it. It plays it in parts (Part I, II, etc) but it’s all there and very damning.

We also have Stephen Hawking working with Russian tycoon Yuri Milner to invest $100 million dollars in finding ET life. Here is that article from the cabal mouthpiece ‘The Washington Post’.

These things that are coming out are more signs that the shift of power is changing dramatically on this planet and all you have to do is do 5 mins of research on the internet. It’s amazing.

NASA has been touting their discoveries of the new photos of Pluto (even though we have 5 secret space programs that probably visit there regularly) however this is likely a push to ease the non awakened public into disclosure. Here is an article about how NASA believes there might be life on Pluto given its smooth-ish surface indicating there is movement going on beneath it.

The Queen’s private film gallery had been snuck into and footage of her and her sister, mother and uncle were snatched and given to the media outlet ‘The Sun’ who leaked it on their website. Here is their website and article about this incriminating footage. The Queen is naturally quite pissed off and has launched an investigation as to who might have leaked this footage. I thank whoever had the cojones to muster up the courage to accomplish that. They are very brave and they are going to be a big part of history when this story is told in the future.

There are many reasons why I love Jim Carrey but here is another one to add to that list. He has gone on Jimmy Kimmel and publicly exposed the Illuminati with hand gestures and even tried to get Jimmy to admit to it. Jimmy, of course, denied any knowledge of it. Jimmy Kimmel’s show seems to be a hotspot of disclosure activity lately. Let us not forget CEO Obama disclosing the fact that ETs control our government a couple months back. I’ll post that video under the Jim Carrey one just in case you haven’t seen it. That’s all for now. Much love everyone. Keep up the good work and continue to be the amazing and loving people I know you are. I just noticed the clock as I was typing this at 1:11. A nice synchronicity! Much love to you all.

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