2 resignations of very high members of politics and the military and arrest of Saudi prince!

There must be some interesting things going on behind-the-scenes as there were two high level people that have just these last couple days resigned and a Saudi prince arrested.

Here is the article for the Joint Chiefs Chairman who is a CEO for the US military.

Here is the article for Congressman John Boehner and his resignation.

This is one from Fox News (who is partially owned by Saudi Arabia by the way) about his arrest and the women that reported sex crimes against him.

So it seems like things are continuing to pick up and the Cabal continuing to be taken out. There are definitely more things going on behind-the-scenes but some of them are making it into the mainstream, which is great for us folks who aren’t so lucky to be in-the-know in regards to what’s happening behind the curtain.

That’s all for now. Much love everyone and thank you for reading!

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