A follow up on my previous post about the ‘alien megastructure’ discovered being covered by the MSM

I just watched a CBS interview with Michio Kaku on the Cabal controlled CBS news station about the disclosure of that massive ‘alien megastructure’ discovered 1,500 light years away from us. They discussed how they have ruled out everything that it could be and says the only explanation is a possible Type II civilization.

This is a great disclosure as it is being touted on the mainstream media which has always avoided (by design) speaking about ETs and other disclosure related topics.

Here is a link to the video. I could not embed it here unfortunately.

I am very excited as to what else will be disclosed in the immediate and near future. After being lied to for so long it is a great feeling to know the alliance and the resistance are really working hard behind-the-scenes to make sure these disclosures happen.

It’s amazing that this massive Earth shift will happen in our life times. =]

Thanks for reading everyone and much love as always!


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