New Article from David Wilcock, Cobra Update, Corey Goode Update, Ben Fulford Intel Update and Some Amazing Headlines!

This article will feature many articles and updates. It will be a conglomeration of intel and information as I have been receiving it in regards to the liberation of this planet. I haven’t written in a while so this article will have a lot of information.

We will start with Cobra’s update from the 23rd:

“The Light forces are now taking certain actions to remove the Chimera infiltration from all Earth-originating Secret Space programs. Those actions do include the Stardust technology.”

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Here is some intel about Stardust technology:

“Operation Stardust 2 was carried out by the Pleiadian Fleet from the orbit of planet Earth. Stardust is the codename of a special advanced nanotechnology. It is a dust made of small nanoparticles that were sprayed into the physical bodies of the members of the Cabal and their minions (think “cosmic chemtrails”). This nanodust can not be removed by any technology known on Earth.

Its activation has two phases. The first phase blocks the central nervous system immediately and a person can not move. The second phase kills the person. It will be activated at the time of the Event to block members of the Cabal trying to do any harm. In vast majority of cases Phase 1 activation will be sufficient. The purpose of the Operation Stardust is to counteract any negative effects of Doom 33 that the Cabal might want to use at that point.

In combination with the Positive Military action, this basically check-mates the power of the Cabal. This technology will NOT be activated before the Event. At the Event, the Positive Military and civilian authority will still need to do their part. The purpose of this operation is to make it easier for them:”

Then we have an update from Ben Fulford about a ‘shit-or-get-off-the-pot’ ultimatum given by the White Dragon Society where they are offering 1 ton of gold in exchange for removing the one person blocking the new financial system, Jacob Baron Rothschild. Unless Mr. Rothschild got in touch with the WDS before then. Which he did:

“If Baron Rothschild does not contact the White Dragon Society to negotiate a compromise within 24 hours of this newsletter being published, the WDS will offer 1 ton of gold, available for pick up in Hong Kong, to anybody who can persuade him to get out of the way.”

some text

Soon after posting his weekly article, Ben posted this:

“The Rothschilds have contacted the White Dragon Society so the 1 ton gold offer has been suspended. Negotiations are proceeding.”

Then we have David Wilcock’s newest article which came out just this last night:

some text

“Although things seem “almost too quiet” in the open world at the moment, the war in the Secret Space Program world has never been hotter or more intense.”

“Furthermore, military maneuvers occurred this past week in Tampa, Florida, suggesting possible training exercises for major events in our near future.

We have heard intel for years now that there will be arrests of many high-level Cabal people at some critical moment, involving combined military maneuvers.”

“…a very critical meeting between our insider Corey Goode and the SSP Alliance is about to take place just an hour or two after I post this.”

“The insider operations are so sensitive and timely right now that the Alliance is very concerned about how much intel actually leaks.”

some text

Then Corey Goode put out some interesting updates, which he says he will write a more detailed article when he gets time:

“Reports came in for approximately 6 months that high level syndicate groups were moving huge amounts of personal items and supplies to South American underground bases most noted in Brazil. More recent reports stated actual family members and high ranking syndicate members were pouring into these underground bases like ants before a storm.”

And now for some badass headlines!

NASA’s Kepler Mission Has Verified 1,284 New Planets – The Single Largest Finding of Planets to Date

MSNBC – Morning Joe Travels to Area 51

ABC News – Space Probe Confirms Chemicals of Life in Comet’s (67P) Halo

MSN – Barack Obama ‘Will Reveal Alien and UFO Details Held by the US Before He Leaves Office’

Cosmos Magazine – First Contact: How We’ll Get the News That We Found Aliens

NPR – Why We Love Aliens

Phys.Org – Finding Aliens May Be Easier Than Previously Thought – Corey Feldman On His Alleged Experience of Hollywood Child Sex Abuse – Elijah Wood: ‘Hollywood in the Grip of Child Abuse Scandal Similar to Jimmy Savile’

MIT – MIT Researchers Publish a Legend for Alien Hunting

Russia Today – ‘A Lot of Surprises’: New Secret Snowden Files Leak Coming – Activist Miranda

IFL Science – How Do We Tell the World We’ve Found Alien Life?

ARMY – Join Earth Defense Force

NASA – New Hubble Image of Mars Shows Lots of Clouds and Atmosphere

The Guardian – Lawsuit Accusing 16 Big Banks of Libor Manipulation Reinstated by US Court – Jupiter’s Moon Europa Could Have Right Chemical Balance to Support Life, Nasa Study Finds – Saudi Press: U.S. Blew Up World Trade Center To Create ‘War On Terror’

Sputnik – Siberian Scientists Create Station Allowing Humans to Live on Mars

BBC – David Icke on 9/11 and Lizards in Buckingham Palace Theories

Dailymail – Is Alien Life Hiding Around Red Giants? Scientists ‘Very Optimistic’ After New Study Finds Goldilocks Zone Where Life Could Thrive May be More Widespread Than Thought

NBC News – 8.8 Billion Habitable Earth-Size Planets Exist in Milky Way Alone

Russia Today – NASA Discovers Atomic Oxygen in Martian Atmosphere for 1st Time in 40yrs

Well this is all I have for now. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written anything. I have felt like taking it easy lately.

As always much love and I hope you are all doing well!

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