New Video on the Spiritual Aspect of Trump and our Current Situation

I know there have been others that have discussed this before but I figured why not throw in my $0.02? Some may already know about the information I talk about in this video but there are some that I think would benefit from it. It is your/their free will choice to see it or pass it by of course.

There is some tough love in here and I would ask that those who view it set aside any emotional reactions and look at the information as it is and reflect upon it neutrally. Part of this Ascension process is going within and seeing the ugly parts of our selves and seeking to heal and transmute them so we can move on to bigger and better things.

I don’t attack nor support Trump in this video but simply provide an overview of the entire liberation and Ascension process we are going through individually and collectively. We are on our way to a bright future but there may be some bumps on the way. Thank you for reading everyone and much love as always <333

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2 Responses to New Video on the Spiritual Aspect of Trump and our Current Situation

  1. Thank you, Jonathan, for this view on president Donald Trump. I fully agree to this view or yours, that Donald Trump represents, or reflects, the belief systems of the American population, in a business tycoon style without much pampering skills and certainly far from New Age terminology. He hasn’t reached his level of money-wealth, without being quite skilled in getting what he wants.

    The emotional reaction to Donald Trump’s style of communication is often saying more about entitled Americans ignoring their power of sovereignty, in an illusion of a fairy tale, where the good guy arrives on his horse in order to save the damsel in distress.

    It’s also almost a cartoonlike over the top sort of The Greatest Show on Earth style of manifesting and being present, watching the Trump family in the White House in their own way. Simon Parkes holds an interesting view on Donald Trump, describing him as a sould with 5D Higher Human qualities. It all depends on how much freedom he has to bring the best out of himself. Simon Parkes believes he’ll be president for a limited time, due to a change of power on planet Earth.
    Donald Trump has received the support of a large part of the military in the US.

    For some reason I always feel safe, living on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, I mean England.
    I’m very pleased to live in a country leaving the European Union 😉

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