New Piano Recital Video!

Please feel free to disregard this post as it is more of a personal nature and won’t have any intel or information about the planetary situation. I am a pianist and composer (I make mistakes though of course like many others!) and have always played my entire life. I have recently been taking piano lessons (my third try lol) in order to better my skills and develop my composition abilities with an amazing teacher I was guided to. I performed in a recital last night 1/23 (a synchronistic date for me no less!) and I will share the video below for those who feel guided to view it.

For those who are interested I found I have a knack for composing classical music. I have composed a few pieces already and even performed one at a talent show my hospital was holding last year. All of my compositions can be found on my SoundCloud page. The one I wrote and performed at this recital was a baroque piece that I came up with while I was improvising which I called Invention No. 1. And now without further adieu here is the piece. Thank you for watching and reading and much love <333

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4 Responses to New Piano Recital Video!

  1. Wow, Jonathan, you’re very talented. There’s a vibe of Mozart sometimes coming through, it seems, not that I suggest you’re copying him, it’s just that there’s a similarity there, keep on trucking on the piano keys <3

  2. frappy25 says:

    Awesome performance Jonathan; your quite skilled and talented with the piano. I always wanted to learn to play a piano; but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll put it on my Post-Event to do list; there’s just too much to do right now :P. Much Blessings to you.

  3. truthearth says:

    Thank you Brian I definitely will! =]

  4. Brian of Epoch Blog says:

    Good stuff. Keep playing!

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