New Interview with Cobra by the Turkish Prepare for Change Team!

Sorry about the late posting of this interview. I have been going through some..clearing and releasing of certain aspects of my life lately. In addition to that I am embarking on a juice fast and am currently on day 5. Please forgive me if I don’t post as much or as often. I’m not sure where this fast is going but it feels right and amazing so far.

I will post some excerpts below. The interview transcript can be found at the link below:

Q9: Can you tell the purpose of Gobekli Tepe? Who built/used these structures?

C: Gobekli Tepe was built by a civilization that survived the Atlantean flood.

Q12: On your Situation Update on March 25th, 2016 you wrote:

“Dragon sources have communicated that in the near future, Turkey may be the trigger for a short but intense military escalation just before the planetary breakthrough. If that happens, a mass meditation will be announced on this blog to counteract that.”

Has this escalation happened? Were you referring to the coup?

C: That situation has not happened yet and may be prevented.

Q27: Why did they develop Montauk project? Did they achieve time travel with that technology? What were they planning with time travel? Did they end this project?

C: They wanted to achieve time travel, unsuccessfully.

Q30: A few weeks ago an announcement of a symposium was made about public disclosure of Agarthans  which will be held in New York in May . Do you have any information about this? The link is here :

C: It is simply an event created by a surface person having some general knowledge about the Agarthans.

Much love everyone and victory of the light! <333


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