New Video on How to Deal with Ridicule!

So I have been guided to create a video on how to deal with ridicule, regardless of whether or not someone is awakened. Although I hope these tips and information will help in that regard. Peer pressure is one of the most powerful tools for influence among the population. Few desire to stand out and most strive towards blending in with the pack.

The Cabal understands this aspect of humanity and has maximized their profit of control with this facet of human behavior. For instance at work we are required to wear a mask if we choose to opt of the annual flu shot. Meanwhile, people who are given a shot with the live virus are allowed to walk around freely among the patients while the virus is shedding., potentially infecting hundreds of vulnerable people and children.

Last year it was announced by our hospital that the flu shot given out didn’t work. There was no follow-up shot or an order for everyone to wear a mask like myself who had to wear it for 3 months until they decided when the flu season was over. My point is that it is obvious that having to wear the mask is a psychological tool used to make someone stand out and is a way for the Cabal to play on our desire to blend in and keep us in line.

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I don’t really give a s*** if I blend in or not. I’ve learned to just do my thing and not care what anyone thinks. I am a loving being of course and I always encourage positivity and harmony but when it comes to what people think of me I couldn’t care less. Just do your thing baby!

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  1. Thank you, Jonathan, I’m doing my very best, while meeting my dragons 😉

  2. truthearth says:

    Oh I totally understand, I was a nursing assistant for a while and encountered a fair share of the people you described. Are you empathic? This trait would make someone go crazy as they would be picking up so much of others negativity. I’ve found taking things one day at a time is how to deal with such constant misery and a low-vibrational environment. I still work in a hospital today. Thank you for the kind words! <3

  3. Martina says:

    Jonathan, thank you for telling us about your experience in your life, I found it very inspiring:)
    You are a brave soul to me and I love your attitude. I feel you are very genuine and authentic, I like poeple like that, I am like this too, I don´t like any pretending. You know as a nurse I am facing many people being negative and from time to time also attacking mostly out of a dissatisfaction with their life situation being sick and helpless. I am a senstive person and always working on myself as well cause I often take things to hard on myself. I have a good heart and it is sometimes not easy to me how to answer on things like that. Many say you need to answer in a professional way as a nurse, staying friendly but is this always the right way? I think it is dependent on the situation. Sometimes I am frustrated with my job because there are many poeple just being dissatisfied and being caught in their victim role of sickness. I am starting an energy healer course in spring and I feel more and more atracted into this direction. Anyhow I will see where my heart will guide me. Anyhow thank you for this interesting video:) Sending you much love 🙂

  4. truthearth says:

    Thank you Marion your comments are very encouraging and uplifting. I suppose the universe is giving you a push to really be yourself, or your higher self is just tapping you on the shoulder to remain on time with the coming energies and transformation that each of us are going through. Much love to you!

  5. Exactly, Jonathan, I’m with you in the experience of choosing your own food, your own diet. Our brain is in our gut, our heart and our head, the holy trinity, as I call it jokingly. I also use humour to oppose or meet with ridicule or judgments coming from prejudice and fixed beliefs.

    I do appreciate your videos much and I learned something about my own judgment on your presentation on screen, having rather high standards about how to and how to be present on screen according to my views. Ha ha, I now have a different view, seeing you just being yourself, no nonsense, but including your expression of feelings of insecurity or shyness, at times.

    Nothing wrong with it, ahem… now I feel rather humbled, after I moved through a lot of purification of my haughty taughty attitude of being exclusive as a way to define myself and feel protected.
    Specially the first week of February. That attitude of mineis just a costume that has grown threadbar, it’s time to show my true face and reveal my masks. It’s a prophecy I told myself on my birthday Jan. 1st 2010. It came out of the bluest blue. Until this day there’s always new layers for discovery of what that prophecy holds in its folds. You can read about it in my WordPress blog.

    Thank you very much for sharing your journey through tough life and tough love, growing towards being yourself and not pretend to fit in with those who aren’t in the same room with you. I’ve come far in my life, in that regard, to be honest, but there’s always more layers to uncover of who I am and it’s moving like a high speed train these days, anno Febr. 7th 2017. Finding a new home in the UK and moving through a culture shock, learning the ropes, while dealing with inhibited British folk, afraid to speak their minds and show their feelings. It’s a fertilizer 🙂

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