For Those Interested, I Finally got a Car!

Yes it’s true. Today is the day that all the manifesting, visualization and frustration finally paid off as I drove home in a station wagon from the 80s. Lol. For security reasons I won’t say exactly what kind of car it is but it is nice and is in great shape.

Of course everything went very very synchronistically.

First after giving up on getting a vehicle a few days ago after a terrible day of attempting to go look at one I was guided (strongly) to continue looking. I just happen to look on craigslist and there it was, the next car I would get. I asked if it was available and the gentleman replied (quite a while later) that it was and that I could come look at it.

I caught the next bus just in time. It was even running 1 minute late. Then I just barely caught the next bus. There were lots of numerical synchronicities on the way there. 11 11 and many others.

Then I arrived and there was the vehicle. The gentleman was nice and showed me everything I needed to see and told me everything I wanted to know (I am a backyard mechanic).

I got to the DMV and within 15 minutes I had put it in my name and I got it insured. This all took place within about an hour or less. Totally amazing.

It needs a bit of tinkering but it’s nothing I can’t handle. Cars in the 80s were made a lot better than they are now believe it or not (before the Archon invasion of 1996) and everything is easy to get to.

I want to reach out to each one of you that donated some cash to me for this to happen. It literally wouldn’t have happened with out you so I am sending you all a HUGE HUGE hug in such high gratitude! I am grateful beyond words and even cried today in such amazement that this finally happened!

It’s time to take this thing to the car wash so I will leave you for now. Thank you again for everything you are all doing in general and I hope to see you all soon enough. Much love!!


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2 Responses to For Those Interested, I Finally got a Car!

  1. truthearth says:

    Thank you Frappy. =] Ha I’ve read the same about Oldmobiles..this one is a bit different but I’ve read they are pretty much tanks and can’t die. Likewise! =]

  2. frappy25 says:

    Glad to hear Jonathan. I hope the Wagon treats you well. If it’s an Oldsmobile; it will last forever. My mother had one and it was a trooper. Have a Blessed day.

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