Crazy Awesome Synchronicities All Day

Today is a day that shan’t be forgetting soon. The amount of synchronicities that have happened just today has blown me away. I will begin this story with myself waking up early to take my car battery to be tested and charged or to know if it needed to be replaced.

Since my vehicle was made before I was born I knew it was bound to have rusted and failing bolts and parts all over the place. I grab my tools and go to Autozone and when I went to try and take my battery out I realized I grabbed tools that were too small. I thought they would work. Argh!

So then I go back home and park in a different parking space than my usual one. I proceeded to remove the bolt holding the battery terminal to the clamp and it just broke. I was so bummed! Then I look down on the ground and there is a perfectly usable (but used) battery terminal that fit my exact situation for that exact moment. I just laughed and laughed…

I seriously would have been screwed and would have had to walk to the store to get a terminal. I threw that in and headed off to Autozone and the guy there informed me that my battery was good. I was shocked actually and expected worse news. I have time to save for a better one!

I also made a trip to a different auto store for a jack and the register number was a synchronistic number for me. I also found my jack was on sale. Pretty cool day!

Just a side note, I have been seeing my birthday numerically a lot lately. In TV shows and in everyday life. Like I would go to answer someone’s call at work and they would ask how the patient in 410’s heart rate is or a patient’s medical record number had 410 in it:

An an interesting additional synchronicity, the picture of my birthday on YouTube’s size was 444k:


I just love documenting these things and I really enjoy sharing them with you guys and gals as I really feel it gives a real world example of the ‘other side’ doing a lot of work to make sure the grand opera of Earth is running properly and in amazing ways, for those who have eyes to see anyways.

I am feeling like everything is going to be okay. Both on a micro and macro scale. I know there are others who are suffering and I do help them whenever I can. I would also like to add that I have been really exercising my manifesting (law of manifestation) muscles and doing daily affirmations and meditations on abundance, health and wealth. It is definitely working and I just wanted to share that with all of you because I think people need a real world example of these abilities working.

Anyways this is all I have for now.  Interestingly I have finished writing this at 1:44 pm:


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