New Joint Interview with Corey Goode and Cobra

I just finished listening to this interview and I have to say it was absolutely amazing to hear everyone speak and contribute to this new level of togetherness that we are seeing unfold in real time. I really can’t think of a better collection of minds to organize this interview than those involved.

The harmony I felt while listening was so amazing! I would invite everyone to ask David Wilcock or Ben Fulford and their following to get involved in this as Cobra mentioned in the interview. Those that are close to them would be ideal but if enough of us tagged them in a tweet or a Facebook post I think they would have to at least see and consider it.

Thank you to everyone who made this interview possible. It is a grand and wonderful gesture of the core message which is unity and leading by example is really going to bring this thing forward. Light and love to all and I hope you enjoy this interview!

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