Separate Additional Lunar Eclipse Meditation for August 7th at 6:20 GMT

I would like to share an additional meditation that is being organized and set to occur on August 7th that is separate from the Solar Eclipse meditation on August 21st later this month. Why not get as many mass meditations in during this useful time as possible? I figure it wouldn’t hurt. Well it will hurt the Cabal. Hehe.

The Prepare for Change group has created a page for it on their website and has listed the times for various time zones:

11:20 AM in California

2:20 PM in New York

7:20 PM in England

8:20 PM in Central Europe

9:20 PM in Greece and Egypt

2:20 AM in Taiwan

3:20 AM in Japan

You can find the other languages on the Facebook event page at this link. Below is the English guided video. Remember, this is a separate and different meditation for the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th. The Solar Eclipse meditation is on August 21st. 

I hope to connect with you all there! Victory of the light!

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