What Does it Mean to be Triggered?

Since my awakening I have been learning how mind-control and programming works and how it has affected myself and those around me. SRA abuse whistle-blower Cathy O’Brien has a book out that teaches people how to deprogram themselves and help integrate and heal all the compartmentalized aspects of ourselves.

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I have been attempting successfully to do the same. But I feel like humanity and my fellow lightworkers/lightwarriors are having trouble with this concept. I believe most people feel like they are ‘outside’ of or are ‘separate’ from programming and being triggered. Being brutally honest with yourself is part of how to deprogram ourselves.

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From an early age I realized everyone around me was mind-controlled, although I didn’t have the terminological understanding or psychological foundation to be able to identify this. I knew this because I was gay and those people who I called ‘friends’ and ‘family’ made very unkind homophobic remarks and gestures towards me, even though I never did anything to them. This caused a compartmentalization of these memories because they were very traumatic and I didn’t know how to deal with such betrayal.

It has taken me into my adult years to be able to figure out how trauma-based mind-control really works and how important healing is to lessening or eliminating the triggering all together. I am no longer bothered by homophobic slurs or headlines. I understand that people are allowing themselves to be mind-controlled and that those thoughts are not really their own, but those of our oppressors. They read a headline or see a symbol and just like that, the phrase or reaction will manifest in the person.



Person 1: “I am a vegan.”

Person 2: *Automatically thinks from somewhere deep in the mind but doesn’t know where they got this information.* “Where do you get your protein?”

Person 1: “All plants have protein in them.”


Person 1: “I don’t have any sunscreen.”

Person 2: “Oh you’re going to get skin cancer then.”

Person 1: “That is a lie perpetrated by the companies that make sunscreen so they can sell more sunscreen.”

*This claim has been repeatedly stated over and over by sunscreen commercials and other organizations for decades. Repetition is an effective and necessary part of your programming/mind-control.*

Some of you may have seen some of my humorous articles where I use comedy to show how silly these headlines are that distract people into pointless comment wars with people who will never change their mind or are paid trolls.

Triggering can happen from something big or even small. Something big would be:

“Black Lives Matter Group Member and Refugee Transgender Democrat Working on Taking Your Guns Away While Taking The Lord’s Name in Vain in Arabic on Christmas While Burning the Confederate Flag”

Something small could be in the comments section of a YouTube video:

“This Song is Sung by An Angel From Heaven, God is Definitely Real.”

If either of these headlines provoke an emotional response in you, you have been successfully triggered. Which means you have been successfully programmed.

Remember, this is a war for our attention. If you are distracted, you aren’t carrying out your mission. Realign, re-calibrate and refresh yourself when you find yourself feeling emotions about something you read online. Most of this war is digital and is being played out online on various websites. A lot of people are living their lives on the Internet these days. Your opinion is important, but not everything needs a comment. 

Whenever I find myself about to comment on a post or video somewhere I think “How is my comment going to help anything? Are these people even going to read it or change their life based on what I say? Is it going to contribute to the betterment of humanity?” The answer is usually no to most of these.

This post is addressed to each of you. Each of you, myself included, have the power to do great things with your thoughts and your voice. The future isn’t set in stone, we are creating it moment by moment, so please create responsibly. Light and love.

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  1. Regulus says:

    Thanks for sharing. This helped add some key terms to already familiar concepts and will help me disarm triggered reactions in myself and in others.

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