David Wilcock Updates, Corey Goode Updates, The Hero’s Journey Playing out Final Moments?

I was waiting until everything with these two came out so I could bundle it all in one place. David Wilcock did an interview on Fade to Black recently which was also live streamed on YouTube. Pressing play will start the video right when David comes in:

Before this interview, however, he released an update through his blog which he hadn’t done in a while due to life circumstances. I would post some excerpts but his website has since been hacked and taken down. There were some important details in that update and it wasn’t archived before it was taken down so we will have to wait until the site is back up.

Luckily Corey’s website is up and archived. He posted a big update recently which I can post some portions of here. To see the photos included, please use Justin’s SITS site.

“We were hearing rumors that a new phase of attacks would be even more vicious than the first few rounds had been. We began to cache as much of this intel as we could, in advance of these rumored attacks, so we could have a useful protective response.

Then the very next morning, Saturday, August 12th, I received a call at 6 AM on my cell phone. I answered it quickly, since my family was sleeping in the motel room with me. We were in the Pacific time zone, so the call that was local to Texas came quite early.

It was a woman who identified herself as being with Child Protective Services in Collin County, Texas. She then began to tell me that they were responding to a complaint that I was a cult leader. They were told that my children were in imminent danger while in my care. I was completely caught off guard. I couldn’t believe that this operation had gone this far. Whoever is doing this seems to feel they are completely immune from any consequences for committing these felony-level crimes.

You can expect to see more articles and videos soon that will shed more information on this Rothschild attempt to foment a Civil War in Ufology. As we share more of this upsetting information, I hope we realize that some of those who attacked us are victims themselves.

If we give each other understanding and forgiveness, we will then be able to unify and focus our energy on social activism projects. Our goal is to educate the public on the existence of suppressed technologies, and raise the interest level of the general public in these topics.

I also just passed along an important briefing about mass arrests being planned against Cabal pedophiles. The briefing indicated that they have infested all different levels of the EU and US governments, right down to local judiciaries, police and post offices. What we are seeing with Pete could be just one example that proves how this could actually be happening.

There may be no other way to stop this except for the Alliance to take military action. The Cabal-controlled mass media would undoubtedly try to portray such an operation as an evil, revolutionary act.

We are the Alliance. You are Disclosure.”

The Cabal is trying everything they can to derail and delay this intel and our efforts to come together and meditate. It seems, however, there is little for them to do since we are aware of their tactics.

It also appears that they are perfectly playing out their role as the antagonist on the grand stage of our reality which is currently governed by the Hero’s Journey. I’m not sure how many movies the Rothschilds/Cabal/Chimera Group have seen but the majority of them feature the bad guys become so arrogant and careless that they create the perfect environment for the protagonist to ensure their defeat and demise.

Things appear to be as bad as they can be for some people in our community and even the world. However, if we are following the script like we are supposed to, this indicates the ‘darkness before the dawn’ portion of the story could be playing out right now. And the dawn that we are striving for could be our meditation. Of course I am just making an observation and don’t wish for these words to be seen as authoritative.

Sending light and love to everyone! We can do this!

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