Are You Ready For The Event?

While I don’t usually post full articles here as I prefer to write my own, this is an exception that I will include because of the great level of research and resources included. Thank you Event Hub 2015 for putting this together:

After the Unity Meditation, we have received some very good news from Cobra:

“The Light Forces were very active in the last few months to remove the Black Stone, and our Unity Meditation gave the needed energy support for the final push, and now the Black Stone is nearly gone. It will be completely cleared within a week, and all anomaly associated with it within a month. When that happens, the RHIC collider on Long Island will lose any meaning for the Chimera Group and they will stop using it. “

In the State of Mission Report for August, Cobra seems to indicate that the Black Stone has been removed as expected.

“…GR+, BS clear, B96 detected…”

All of a sudden, one can sense that the Event is getting closer than ever.
While everyone will be very excited when it comes and this planet will be finally liberated from the Dark Forces, in practice when the Event do start, do you know what you are going to do? Or what we SHOULD do within the first few days of The Event?

Here are two excellent examples of how to contact the leaders in our communities and organizations when the Event occurs:


A Post-Event Action Plan

These are by no means detailed plans but something in general we as a Lightworker need to consider about how we need to calm everyone down,

For part of the population that have certain awareness of the Event and things going on, here are a number of things to consider:

  • What is your plan to cope with the Event if it happens when you are at various locations?
  • How do you plan to maintain your own safety?
  • Who do you plan to contact?

Below are some high level suggestions that may help to formulate a detailed personal plan, with the assumptions that the Internet and key infrastructures (e.g. electricity) still works during the Event:

  • If the Event happens when you are at work:
    You may want to contact your site managers and executives like Nova has described in his article. Something you can definitely help is to reassure your colleagues that something good is happening and that there is no need to panic.At the same time, you can also use social network such as Facebook to share the news and reassure your friends as well as the public that it is not a coup by some negative forces.

    It would also be helpful to share the PDF version of the community leader brief (CLB)above both online and offline as a print out.

  • If the Event happens when you are at home:
    The first thing you can do is to give reassurance to your family members, and make sure that you ALREADY have enough cash, food and water available as the banks are very likely to be closed down for 2 weeks.It is also important to ensure that you and your loved ones have an up to date supply of any medicines that might be required.

    Once you have ensured the safety of your family, you may also want to give reassurance to your neighbours. In this case, the CLB would be a very useful document to explain what is going on.

    Before the Event, you may also want to ensure that you have more than enough food for your family that you can distribute some to your neighbours as they may not have prepared for it and that they may not have enough cash to buy it (if there are still any left in the supermarkets and grocery stores at that time…).

    Finally, you may also want to share the news on internet.

  • If the Event happens when you are travelling:

If you are travelling when the Event begins, the first thing to consider would be your immediate safety.

It may be relatively easier to do so when you are driving in your own vehicle.

Things may get a bit more tricky if you are in public transport. However, it would also depend on whether the surrounding crowd are aware of what happened or not.

Most people who see the mass arrest unfolding would likely to be confused. Some people may get aggressive when they found out that the banks will be closed for a couple of weeks. (That’s why exercises such as Black Sky is very useful for the RM and the Light Forces to observe the behaviour of the general population.)

It would also depend on whether local military and police are available to help to ease the tension.

Once your own safety is guaranteed, you may want to help to reassure the crowd and explain what is happening.

It is also important to inform your loved ones that you are safe and your plan to go to a safe location.

Otherwise, it would be wise to complete your journey and either go back to your home or workplace to carry the aforementioned actions in those situations.

The link below to the Prepare for Change (PFC) website lists a number of tools you can download to your phone beforehand and help to contact your loved ones during the Event:

Although it is not anticipated that there will be any major chaos during the Event, it would still be great if ANYONE can step up and take leadership when situation arise. Like Zachary Dearing who helped to organize helps for as many as 150 people at the shelter in Rockport, Texas when Hurricane Harvey wiped through the small city. 

If you have internet connection during the first few days of the Event, you may also want to share the YouTube videos and posters in the link below.  These materials have been translated into various languages. However, it would be great if more languages are made available.

Here is a list of the original guidelines prepared by Cobra:

  1. Keep an extra 2 weeks of food and water on hand starting now.
  2. Make sure you and your loved ones have an up to date supply of any medicines that might be required.
  3. Keep extra cash hidden away at your home.
  4. Gas up your vehicle when the tank is ½ empty.
  5. Stay in touch with The Portal and Prepare for Change for updates.
  6. Educate yourself, friends and family members.
  7. Be sure to remain calm and centered and to encourage others to do the same they will be looking for answers and you will be able to help them so study and prepare yourself to be of service.

Also, here are some additional resources on how we can prepare for the Event as a lightworker or educated person: 

Victory of the Light!

UPDATE: French translation of this article can be found in the link below:


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