Cigar-Shaped Cloud Over Glendale AZ

So interestingly, after receiving a text from a friend who wrote that he was excited for the results of the meditation, I remember thinking “maybe we will see some maybe we won’t” and when I went outside to go to the store I was greeted with this large cigar-shaped cloud hovering above:



This is the same ‘cloud’ but after a few minutes:


When I looked up at it I immediately felt: ‘take a picture of this!’ I felt a presence from this ‘cloud’ which I would describe as benevolent. I would like to add that there weren’t that many clouds around that I could see…I did see another interesting shaped one that may not may not be anything:


I was debating including this part but when I left the store I noticed that the big cigar-shaped cloud was gone and the cloud in the picture above was there and had combined with a small gathering of clouds next to it. I looked and couldn’t see where the big one had went, the other clouds in the sky were small and far away from where the big one was, and I was only in the store for 10-15 minutes max.

In any case I just felt guided to share this with everyone in hopes that it will give us more confirmation that our meditation was being watched and encouraged. Light and love everyone. Still feeling amazing vibes from earlier…

Image result for good vibes meme

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5 Responses to Cigar-Shaped Cloud Over Glendale AZ

  1. Julie says:

    I see a small but very bright reflective object to the bottom right of the second cloud mass. Did you notice it?

  2. Mesheekatlan says:

    Hey man, i’m so so glad the site is up Truearth, its very a clever name, ok not clever its Genius and you have many talents….
    I have many talents too, the thing is…. All i have been doing is re posting and posting + building sites like on
    and supporting the PFC team. It Look like you are one of the administrators who built this site, some how i am also connected to Prepare for Change Team through the The True Earth site… can we talk by phone? To build ideas going forward PFC and the True Earth meet up. Check out my work

  3. Mesheekatlan says:

    Not a digital gallery but I do have many photos of my work sure.
    If I knew how to upload some pics like you did i’d be able to show of my art work
    Like you

  4. truthearth says:

    Thank you Mesheekatlan 🙂 Do you have a gallery that I could check out?

  5. Mesheekatlan says:

    That’s a good picture, i say that as a photographer

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