New Video: The Time Is Now 432Hz

As I mentioned in previous posts, these last weeks have been some of the worst times I’ve experienced in this life so far. No doubt a part of this epic war that is finally coming to an close. I was guided to create this video a while back but then I was ‘told’ to put it down, only being half-finished lol. But ‘they’ always have a plan for these things and after taking some time away from everything I feel much better and ready to continue researching and posting, at least slowly at first.

I spent so much time writing these posts and making these videos that my personal life suffered and I even had two dreams telling me to clean out my turtle’s water bowl and feed my snake, which I hadn’t done in a while sadly. She was VERY hungry and angry when I went to feed her. So I have to thank whomever gave me that information in my dreams as I was quite out of balance.

So I will be posting but not as much as before. We are at the end of this war anyways and I’ve written and created as much material as I possibly could in the 3 years I’ve been ‘awake’.

Here is the video that I hope will mark a wonderful comeback from a very low point in my life. Much love everyone <3


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