MK Ultra/Alice in Wonderland/Illuminati Abuse Music Video

I have been feeling under the weather lately (epic flu going around, luckily it only clipped me but didn’t take me down completely) and haven’t been doing too much around here but I stumbled upon these weird music videos and a few in particular really jumped out at me.

I don’t know why but it seems that among these creepy places that we see (Kooky Krafts/Comet Ping Pong/Pinkie’s and so on) there seems to be a pattern of symbols and the one that keeps repeating is the rabbit. I found a small collection of Israeli (red flag there already) videos that seem to be promoting a club or something. I couldn’t totally tell. Some of them involve what appears to be promotion of pedophilia, cannibalism and lots of sex in general (nothing wrong with sex of course, but in this context it’s different).

(Common sense disclaimer) I want to iterate here that there is nothing wrong with doing drag or being LGBT. I myself identify as being born gay and have dressed up in amateur drag once or twice for Halloween! (I can see people hitting the unsubscribe button now!) The reason I say this is because in the Israeli videos there is some drag dress up and LGBT sex stuff going on. This doesn’t mean that all LGBT and people doing drag are evil Luciferian pedophiles. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. It appears that the Cabal has mostly infiltrated the LGBT community and saturated it with symbolism, sadly.

So one of weirdest ones that I found was one I will post below and let you all decide what it means. I am showing you the Israeli videos below. The name of the channel is Pagfilms:

Here’s another which features another bunny rabbit doll with breasts and female genitals which comes in at 15 seconds:

Upon further research of their Facebook page I found some pretty creepy stuff there (again lots of LGBT stuff so if that’s not your thing I will find some photos that aren’t so graphic or sexual).

I’m not sure why they would have this baby look up towards two rabbits that look like they are mating but babies seem to appear in many of these ‘creepy’ groups:

Image may contain: 1 person, text

The next couple of videos I want to show you are from a channel called Night Club and the songs are about as dark as the name sounds. This video features a young girl being chained up dressed as Alice and goes on to dance for a small group of men with masks on along with what appears to be a female handler who sits in the back and watches everything.

In the beginning of the video we see Alice tied to a chair by her wrists looking very distraught:


Then we see Alice performing for a group of men in masks with a woman in the back who appears to be her handler:

alice group.png

alice handler.png

Just wait until we get to the lyrics. They match the video in creepiness and horror. Next we see Alice forced to drink what appears to be blood from a teacup:


Then we see Alice in chains with a collar around her neck and her dancing in a cage:

alice chains.png

Then at the end of the video all the men are wearing skull masks:


I will share the video below. I will also share the lyrics here which are seriously disturbing but go along with the video very well, sadly:

“Dear Enemy
All that makeup that you wear
Will never hide
There’s a devil under there
Dear Enemy
Are you really that insane?
To think that you
Are the only one in pain

How could you do this to me?
Tell me did ya feel good? Did ya get relief?
You know you’re a super creep
Cause the things you do won’t let you sleep
Got no friends only enemies
Now you got one more cause you’re dead to me

Dear Enemy
Dead to me

Dear Enemy
All the words that you have said
Are like a cancer
That grows inside my head
Dear Enemy
I don’t need to keep you down
Just keep it up
You’ll run yourself into the ground

How could you do this to me?
Tell me did ya feel good? Did ya get relief?
You know you’re a super creep
Cause the things you do won’t let you sleep
Got no friends only enemies
Now you got one more cause you’re dead to me

Dear Enemy
Dead to me”

Night Club has another video where they feature the same creepy art that we see in all of these different places which you can watch below. It’s like a digital rendering with devil faces and snake tongues and knives falling and so on. It’s as creepy as it sounds:

Hopefully this has helped expose a little more of this this horrific mind-control that we hear so much about. We owe it to the victims to check these videos out and become aware of them and ultimately heal them. The light must be shone on the dark. Thank you everyone and much love as always!

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  2. thankyourmuse says:

    Oh yeah, the rabbit hole runs deep and the LGBT is no different. We see the insanity everyday for shock value of course and the destruction of the family unit. I have no problem with what ever sexual preference some choose but it does not need to be taught as some actual history course in the schools like they are doing and also as a ‘safe’ schools course where it has been exposed as a course that says christians hate gays and how to use sex toys and the sexualization of the children, telling them anal sex is better than regular sex…oh, it’s an agenda alright. One I would not participate in and the rituals they do with their events and more sexualization of the children, hence the rabbit and Alice…we know the story, I have seen the rabbit pop up at the end of tv series called ‘The Leftovers’ and if you haven’t seen that one, you might get the gist of the many rabbit holes and rituals that the Luciferian combine likes to shurn out. Everything from aborted babies in soda drinks to vaccines and all for their sick agenda, trying to push the apocolytic, timeline of world war III and the anti-christ which the more they progress on the script of Revelations, the more the christians thump on their Bibles and praise it as proof the end is near. If you watch the Leftovers, this tv series is interesting as it deals with the ones left after many people disappear and they call it departed but religious ones say it was rapture and freak out because they didn’t get raptured. It’s literally insanity, for most and the one guy Kevin who can’t die, and then you figure out towards the end how it wasn’t some sort of rapture but a splitting of the timelines, and those who went to the other timeline, are going thru the same thing as the ones in this timeline and makes you think about the line in the Bible that says, ‘two men will be in a field, one will leave and one will not’. I don’t believe it was all meant to be a religion but instead an explanation of metphysical occurances of timelines and the move to a higher frequency where some call ascension but you see???? Just another rabbit hole. It’s in these times we can work on ourselves, shake off the negative agendas, and envision ourselves in a better place..I for one, would love to leave all this distortion behind. Will we ever get rid of the cabal, and the minions who put out videos like the ones you posted above? Look into the 432mhz frequency and how the music industry went to 440mhz which creates angry energy. It’s interesting how they come at us on all levels, from music, to chemtrails in the sky to tainting the food, and just about everything in this world. Hope you are feeling better and next time if you start feeling bad, put hydrogen peroxide in your ears, it kills off the viruses in the throat that are headed into the body. Be well the Blessings.

  3. True George says:


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